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2020 Awardees

ARS is pleased to announce the 2020 awardees of the 1890 Faculty Research Sabbatical Program.

Are Protective Effects of Blueberry Polyphenols Mediated by the Microbiome?

/ARSUserFiles/00000000/1890LandGrantSabbatical/FY2020 Documents/2020 awardees/Boateng.jpg

Dr. Judith Boateng
Associate Professor
Department of Food and Animal Sciences
Alabama A&M University
Normal, Alabama

 /ARSUserFiles/00000000/1890LandGrantSabbatical/FY2020 Documents/2020 awardees/Bennett.jpg

Dr. Brian Bennett
Research Leader
ARS Obesity and Metabolism Research Unit
Western Human Nutrition Research Center
Davis, California

Value-Added Product Development from Sprouted High-Protein Brown Rice and African Yellow Beans

 /ARSUserFiles/00000000/1890LandGrantSabbatical/FY2020 Documents/2020 awardees/Aryee.jpg

Dr. Alberta Aryee
Assistant Professor of Food Chemistry
Department of Human Ecology (Food Science and Biotechnology)
Delaware State University
Dover, Delaware

/ARSUserFiles/00000000/1890LandGrantSabbatical/FY2020 Documents/2020 awardees/Beaulieu.jpg

Dr. John Beaulieu
Research Plant Physiologist
ARS Food Processing and Sensory Quality Research Unit
Southern Regional Research Center
New Orleans, Louisiana

Development of Near Infrared Spectroscopy Measurements for Single Seed Oil and Protein of Sorghum

/ARSUserFiles/00000000/1890LandGrantSabbatical/FY2020 Documents/2020 awardees/Hacisalihoglu.jpg

Dr. Gokhan Hacisalihoglu
Department of Biological Sciences
Florida A&M University
Tallahassee, Florida

/ARSUserFiles/00000000/1890LandGrantSabbatical/FY2020 Documents/2020 awardees/Armstrong.jpg

Dr. Paul R. Armstrong
Research Agricultural Engineer
ARS Stored Product Insect and Engineering Research Unit
Center for Grain and Animal Health Research
Manhattan, Kansas

Remote Sensing Systems for Precision Agriculture to Address Issues in Environmental and Climate Change

/ARSUserFiles/00000000/1890LandGrantSabbatical/FY2020 Documents/2020 awardees/Sriharan.jpg

 Dr. Shobha Sriharan
Professor of Environmental Science
Department of Agriculture
Virginia State University
Petersburg, Virginia

/ARSUserFiles/00000000/1890LandGrantSabbatical/FY2020 Documents/2020 awardees/Yang.jpg

Dr. Chenghai Yang
Research Agricultural Engineer
ARS Aerial Application Technology Research Unit
Southern Plains Agricultural Research Center
College Station, Texas

Evaluation of Toxicities of Methyl Benzoate and Analogs as Green Pesticide to Control Agricultural Insect Pests

/ARSUserFiles/00000000/1890LandGrantSabbatical/FY2020 Documents/2020 awardees/Zebelo.jpg

Dr. Simon Zebelo
Associate Professor of Entomology
Department of Agriculture Food and Resource Sciences
University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Princess Anne, Maryland

/ARSUserFiles/00000000/1890LandGrantSabbatical/FY2020 Documents/2020 awardees/Zhang.jpg

Dr. Aijun Zhang
Research Chemist
ARS Invasive Insect Biocontrol and Behavior Laboratory
Beltsville Agricultural Research Center
Beltsville, Maryland

Red Seaweed Supplementation on Methane Gas Emission and Rumen Microbiome in Feedlot Cattle

/ARSUserFiles/00000000/1890LandGrantSabbatical/FY2020 Documents/2020 awardees/Abdelrahim.jpg

Dr. Gamal Eden Abdelrahim
Department of Food & Animal Sciences
Alabama A&M University
Normal, Alabama

/ARSUserFiles/00000000/1890LandGrantSabbatical/FY2020 Documents/2020 awardees/Min.jpg

Dr. Byeng Ryel Min
Research Animal Scientist
ARS Livestock Nutrient Management Research Unit
Conservation and Production Research Laboratory
Bushland, Texas

Soil Health Assessment: Comparative Studies of Cover Crop and Biochar on Soil Organic Carbon

/ARSUserFiles/00000000/1890LandGrantSabbatical/FY2020 Documents/2020 awardees/Gebremedhin.jpg

Maheteme Gebremedhin
Associate Professor of Soil Science
College of Agriculture, Communities, and the Environment
Kentucky State University
Frankfort, Kentucky

/ARSUserFiles/00000000/1890LandGrantSabbatical/FY2020 Documents/2020 awardees/Sistani.jpg

Dr. Karamat Sistani
Soil Scientist and Research Leader
ARS Food Animal Environmental Systems Research Unit
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Enhancing Sheep Production Efficiency Through Strategic Use of Genetic and Reproductive Technologies

/ARSUserFiles/00000000/1890LandGrantSabbatical/FY2020 Documents/2020 awardees/Wildeus.jpg

Dr. Stephan Wildeus
Research Professor, Small Ruminants
Agricultural Research Station
Virginia State University
Petersburg, Virginia

/ARSUserFiles/00000000/1890LandGrantSabbatical/FY2020 Documents/2020 awardees/Freking.jpg

Dr. Brad A. Freking
Research Geneticist
ARS Genetics, Breeding & Animal Health Research Unit
U.S. Meat Animal Research Center
Clay Center, Nebraska

/ARSUserFiles/00000000/1890LandGrantSabbatical/FY2020 Documents/2020 awardees/Murphy.jpg

Dr. Tom Murphy
Research Geneticist
ARS Genetics, Breeding & Animal Health Research Unit
U.S. Meat Animal Research Center
Clay Center, Nebraska