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Kathrine Behrman
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Kathrine (Kate) Behrman

Research Ecologist


Grassland Soil and Water Research Laboratory

808 E Blackland Rd.

Temple , TX 76502


Voice: (254)770-6508

Fax: (254) 770 6561






University of Texas at Austin, Doctorate, Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, 2011

University of California, Santa Barbara, Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, 2005

University of California, Santa Barbara, Bachelor of Arts, Biology, 2005


Research Interests  

Predicting the potential environmental and biological impacts of agricultural conservation practices and potential land use change; modeling plant productivity; modeling potential gene by environment interactions; modeling plant responses to changes in temperature, precipitation, and rising greenhouse gas concentrations.


Research Projects

Conservation Effects Assessment Project

The primary goal of this project is to provide a better understanding of the role agricultural conservation practices and programs play in achieving the nation's environmental objectives - clean air and water, healthy soils, and functioning habitat for wildlife. By developing an improved understanding of current conservation performance, better decisions can be made about the development of future conservation programs and practices.


The primary goals of this project will be to estimate the environmental and genetic variability for drought-related traits, overall physiology, and performance among diverse Panicum virgatum varieties grown under diverse environments for potential biofuel use. A combination of genomic, physiological, and ecological data is used to parameterize ecosystem models to predict long-term potential of switchgrass productivity and associated ecosystem services of perennial grass production grown for cellulosic biofuel.



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Last Modified: 9/11/2017
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