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Almanac Switchgrass
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  • Biofuels and Water Use: Comparison of Maize and Switchgrass and General Perspectives Publication

  • Switchgrass Biomass Simulation at Diverse Sites in the Northern Great Plains of the U.S. Publication

  • Radiation use efficiency and leaf CO2exchange for diverse¬† C 4 grasses Publication

  • An Assessment of the Feasibility of Electric Power Derived from Biomass and Waste FeedstocksPublication

  • Projecting Yield and Utilization Potential of Switchgrass as an Energy Crop Publication

  • Simulating Alamo Switchgrass with the ALMANAC Model Publication

  • Switchgrass simulation by the ALMANAC model at diverse sites in the southern US Publication

  • Clash of the Titans: Comparing Productivity Via Radiation Use Efficiency for Two Grass Giants of the Biofuel Field Publication

  • Perennial Biomass Grasses and the Mason-Dixon Line: Comparative Productivity across Latitudes in the Southern Great Plains Link to Article and Abstract

  • Spatial forecasting of switchgrass productivity under current and future climate change scenarios Link to Article and Abstract

  • Soil and variety effects on the energy and carbon balances of switchgrass-derived ethanol
    Link to article
  • Spatial land use trade-off for maintenance of biodiversity, biofuel, and agriculture Publication


Last Modified: 9/28/2016
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