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Almanac Maize & Sorghum
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  • Maize and Sorghum Siumlations with CERES-Maize, SORGF, and ALMANAC under Water-Limiting Conditions   Publication

  • Maize and Sorghum Simulation in Diverse Texas Environments Publication

  • Maize yield potential; critical processes and simulation modeling in a high-yielding environment Publication

  • Radiation-Use Efficiency in Biomass Accumulation Prior to Grain-filling for Five Grain-Crop Species Publication

  • Radiation-Use Efficiency and Grain Yield of Maize Competing with Johnsongrass Publication

  • Row Spacing effects on Light Extinction Coefficients of Corn, Sorghum, Soybean, and Sunflower Publication

  • Similarity of maize seed number responses for a diverse set of sites Publication

  • Evaluation of Two Maize Models for Nine U.S. Locations Publication

  • Does spatial arrangement of 3D plants affect light transmission and extinction coefficient within maize crops? Publication

  • Last Modified: 10/6/2016
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