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Navy biofuel project
Dr. Manyowa (Norman) Meki is gathering field data and simulating several types of biofuels. In Temple, Texas he has 3 experiments growing; Energy Sorghum, Energy Cane, and several annual biofuels. In Maui, Hawaii Dr. Meki is working with the US Navy and the local sugar cane industry to determine the most efficient use of resources to yield the highest sugar cane crop. (Picture: Dr. Meki with Sugar Cane)

Kate Bereman

Navy oilseed project
Kimberly Hunter is working on gathering field data and simulating oilseed crops for biofuel production. In Temple, Texas she is growing both winter and spring varieties of oilseeds including canola, rapeseed, camelina, and mustard. She is part of a Navy project that has variety trials growing in the Carolinas, Dakotas, and into the Northwestern part of the country. Mrs. Hunter will be simulating this experiment once enough field data has been collected. (Picture: Dr. Behrman with canola)


Last Modified: 10/6/2016
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