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TEAM Leafy Spurge Technology Transfer

By far the bulk of outreach products developed by NPARL since 1997, however, can be attributed to the TEAM Leafy Spurge program, in large part because technology transfer is listed among its program directives. The first USDA-ARS Area-Wide Program targeting a rangeland weed, TEAM Leafy Spurge has been a major contributor to NPARL's outreach efforts. Products developed (or currently in development) by TEAM Leafy Spurge technology transfer staff include:

TEAM Leafy Spurge logo. 

? An extensive TEAM Leafy Spurge website (

? A series of easy-to-use, how-to manuals and CD-ROMs on leafy spurge control

? An extensive update of the "Purge Spurge: Leafy Spurge Database" CD-ROM

? A 30-minute documentary entitled "Purging Spurge: Corralling an Ecological Bandit," developed in cooperation with Prairie Public Broadcasting, Inc. The program aired in June 2002.

? Numerous technical reports, brochures and other informational/educational items.


Note, too, that all of the above items from TEAM Leafy Spurge are also incorporated into a handy Information Resource Center binder that has been distributed to Extension Agents and Weed Supervisors in seven Western states. As new products are developed they will be mailed to binder holders. In addition to developing products, TEAM Leafy Spurge has also actively participated in numerous local and regional agricultural shows, as well as hosting several Field and Demonstration Days of its own, including two national events, Spurgefest '99 and Spurgefest II.



A Collaborative Emphasis

TEAM Leafy Spurge, jointly administered by USDA-ARS and USDA-APHIS, incorporates a strong collaborative approach in its program operation. NPARL, too, places a special emphasis on cooperation and collaboration in its outreach efforts. In addition to those collaborations already mentioned (i.e. the Grasshopper and X Symposium projects) NPARL has also provided expertise and shared exhibit space and expenses with several sister agencies and related organizations. Its most recent outreach collaborators include:


? ARS Fort Keogh Livestock and Rangeland Research Lab, Miles City, MT, Shared exhibit at the 2002 Montana Agri-Trade Exposition held in Billings, MT in Feb. 2002.


? European Biological Control Laboratory (EBCL), Montpellier, France, helped develop display for use at the annual Montana Weed Association Meeting in January 2002.


? MSU-Bozeman Eastern Agricultural Research Center, Sidney, MT, routinely share exhibit space at local events including Richland County Ag Days and the Richland County Fair.


? USDA-ARS Northern Plains Area, Fort Collins, CO, helped develop poster for national LAO meeting featuring research a tall 14 labs in the eight-state Northern Plains Area.

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