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NPARL Safety Info
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NPARL's Safety Information

NPARL is committed to protecting our employees, our workplace, the community, and the environment.  Below is both information and additional pages that contain further details, as well as, materials to download.



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Environmental Management System Plan


Weather Related Safety Information


Helpful Links


Employee Assistance Program




For questions, comments, or more information contact NPARL's Safety Officer, Jackie Couture, by email: or phone: 1.406.433.9422.



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Environmental Management System Plan (EMS)

The USDA-ARS Northern Plains Agricultural Research Laboratory (NPARL) in Sidney, MT conducts research on soil and water stewardship and the biological and cultural management of insects, pathogens and weeds within production systems that enhance profitability and environmental quality. In keeping with this stewardship emphasis, NPARL established its Environmental Management System (EMS) in October 2005 and updates it annually in accordance with Executive Order (E.O.) 13423 entitled "Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management, ensuring that it also conforms to International Standard Organization (ISO) 14001 standards. On this page you will find more information regarding the EMS policy statement, employee responsibilities, and helpful links. 
Click here for the Environmental Management System (EMS) page!



Weather Related Safety Information

Information about staying safe all year:


2016 Safety and EMS Awards to NPARL Employees

Safety/EMS Award WinnersSafety Award - Jeannie Lassey
assisted Safety Specialist to complete annual physical assessments in all work areas including the safety shower, fire extinguisher/fire exit testing, recycling, testing emergency eyewashes, autoclaving biological materials from retired scientists, various chemical inventories from retired scientist labs or workspaces and placed global harmonizing labels or hazardous material information system put on secondary chemical containers throughout the workplace to help keep in compliance all state, local and federal requirements.

EMS Award - Eric Steinbeisser
Endlessly searching for all environmental projects to help save location not only funding spent on energy cost but saving energy. Examples: requesting funding from HQ to switch T-12 lighting to T-8 lights saving dollars and energy, having all laboratory air and lights be on occupant sensors saving energy and dollars; energy efficient boilers installed in both main buildings, use of climate friendly refrigerants and water.

Montana ARS Lab Recognized As NWS StormReady Supporter
Storm Ready logo.

NPARL was recognized August 10, 2006 as a "StormReady Supporter by the National Weather Service (NWS). In announcing the award, Tanja Fransen of the Glasgow, MT weather forecast office noted: "The USDA station in Sidney has been extremely pro-active over the last few years in being prepared, not just for hazards within the facility but also to help with preparedness activities within the community. USDA safety officer Jackie Couture is the chair of the Richland County Local Emergency Planning Committee and actively involved with the Community Emergency Response Team. This is just a natural extension of all the great work they have been doing to help with preparedness in their workplace and the community." The Sidney, MT, ARS lab regularly hosts severe weather training courses and winter weather safety programs for both its employees and the community at large. Fifteen NPARL employees have been certified as NWS weather spotters. NPARL completed a series of rigorous warning criteria necessary to earn the distinction of being the first Storm Ready Supporter in Montana and only the 17th in the nation. The Sidney, MT, research facility is also the only ARS facility in the nation to be recognized.



Helpful Links


  MSDS for Infectious Substances

Emergency Management:

  ARS Emergency Readiness

  American Red Cross

  Montana Disaster & Emergency Services

  Richland Disaster & Emergency Services   


Environmental Management System:

  Calculate your Carbon Foot Print

  Energy Star

  Energy Savers

  EPEAT-Green Electronics Council 

  Great Green Goods

  Green Power Partnership

  Green Home Guide

  Lower your Carbon Foot Print 

  National LTAP/TTAP

  Procurement Programs

Hazardous Materials:

  EPA: Training with Pesticide Applicators


  Hazmat 101

 Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

  MSDS Search

  Montana Hazardous Waste Rules
  National Highway Traffic Safety Admin. 

  Niosh Pocket Guide

  Organic Solvents 

  Occupational Chemical Database  


  Pesticide Information

  Pesticide Labels/MSDS

  Pesticide Waste Disposal Program   

  Radiation Safety (USDA)


  Agricutlural Health-USDA APHIS
  Back Health & SafetyLinks  

  Brown Recluse Spider

  CDC: West Nile Virus

  Flu Activity & Surveillance

  Food Safety Inspection Service (USDA)

  Healthy Computing

  Healthy Weight/BMI 

  Infectious Diseases 

  Hantavirus Information  

  Men's Health & Safety 

  MT West Nile SurveillanceProject

  PBS-The Meth Epidemic 

Labor Laws:

  AFM: REE Admin. Issuances

  AFM: Office of Workers' Compensation

  Child Labor Law(DOL)

  Employing Teen Workers (OSHA) 

  Employing Youth (DOL)

  US Dept. of Labor-Worker Compensation

MT Dept. of Environmental Quality

  MT Dept. of Environmental Quality

  Household Hazardous Waste

  Environmental Health

  Polution Prevention


  Today's Air Quality Info


  ACGIH-useful site links

  AFM-Safety, Health & Environ. Mgmt.

  AFM-Safety, Health & Environ. Videos

  ARS: Biosafety

  ASSE-American Soc Safety Engineers 

  Centers For Disease Control/Prevention

  Construction Safety Council

  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


  Ergonomics for Farmers

  Fire Restriction Information

  Grain & Silage Safety

  Hazardous Waste Manifest System

  Latex Safety

  Montana Safety & Health Bureau

  National Safety Council

  National Fire Protection Agency

  NIOSH-Nat'l Institute for Occupational

     Safety & Health    

  Occupational Safety & Health Admin.

    • OSHA Ergonomics

    • OSHA eTools

    • OSHA Occup. Chem. Database

    • OSHA Training 

    • OSHA Safety Health Bulletins

   Safety Alerts: Recalls

   Skid Steer Safety

   USDA Safety & Health Office

   US Dept. of Homeland Security

   USDA Quality of Work Life Division

   Women's Health & Safety

   Work Safe MT


   Montana Dept. of Transportation

   USDOT-National Traffic/Road Closure 

   Security - Dept. of Homeland Security

   TSA: Traveler guidelines
   Weather Forecast



   Fire Restrictions

    -entire US or select states 

   Montana Road Condition Reports/Maps

   National Weather Service-Glasgow, MT

   North Dakota Road Conditions Map

   NOAA Storm Ready Supporters

   Sun Safety 

   U.S. Forest Service: Active Fire Map
   Weather Forecast  



Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

We all experience personal problems, but many people don't know where to go for help to solve them.  The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) was established to give employees the necessary resources to cope with life's difficulties.  You are the more important asset to our business and for that reason we want to help you solve your problems both on and off the job so that you are happier, more focused and consequently more productive.

EAP counselors are prepared to help you deal with a multitude of problems.  Whether you visit us for emotional, relationship, alcohol, drug, financial or job concerns, we are here to help you solve them.  All EAP services are free to you, and in most cases your immediate family members.  If you need additional resources, we will help you find affordable care through your health plan or community. 

EAP services are confidential within the limits of the law and in most cases, information will only be released with your written premission.  Your counselor will review confidentiality issues with you during your first visit.  Remember the EAP is ready to help and all you have to do is:

Call 1-800-222-0364 or Visit our Website at


It's free and confidential.

Provided by Federal Occupational Health a component of the U.S. Public Health Service Department of Health and Human Services.