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Pipeline Reclamation Information
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  • A 2016 Pipeline Reclamation Workshop is being planned in Dickinson, ND for February 22-23. More information is available here.


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Energy development and agricultural land use resources page

This page is a library of presentations, videos, research publications, handy web links, and other resources related to maintaining profitable land use as energy development continues in the MonDak region. If you are interested in an overview of the reclamation process, soils, revegetation, or weed control and grazing, you have come to the right place! If a pipeline is in your future, you may want to look at the handy checklist in our Landowner's Tips handout! If you would like to see a presentation from a workshop you were not able to attend you can view a list of workshops hereto see the agendas and get to related links.


  • Is there a Pipeline in Your Future?
    (Landowner Tips Brochure; PDF 464 KB, legal size)

New Additions 

  • Recent Publications:

  • A link to a Canadian website for restoration of the native grassland ecosystems of southwestern Alberta. Lots of info from the "Foothills Restoration Forum" researchers. Of particular interest is an article in the group's February 2010 newsletter regarding "Potential Movement Corridors for Small Mammals" across pipelines. 
  • Espeland, Erin. 2014. Choosing a reclamation seed mix to maintain rangelands during energy development in the Bakken. Rangelands. 36(1): 25-28. 
  • New link for landowner resources in North Dakota.
  • Presentation links for the 2nd Annual North Dakota Reclamation Conference held February 24-25, 2014 will be made available here in the near future.
  • New link for presentation on changes in North Dakota's pipeline laws affecting surface owners.







Dickinson, ND, February 26, 2013

Sidney, MT, March 5, 2013



North Dakota Pipeline Authority-Landowner Resources Page
Changes in North Dakota Pipeline Law (presentation to be posted soon)

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