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 Photo Gallery Archive - 2002-2004

Burn experiment slideshow.Grasshopper Burn Experiment - Sept. 2004
NPARL Research Entomologist, Dr. Dave Branson, conducted a study with Range Ecologist Dr. Lance Vermeire from the USDA-ARS Livestock and Range Research Laboratory. The study involved female grasshoppers laying egg pods into cups filled with soil core samples and then the soil was placed under a propane burner heating element to simulate a grassland fire. This laboratory study examined the effects that grassland fires of varying intensities have on egg survival and the hatching of two common pest grasshopper species. (6 photos)

Link to photos of Sugar Beet Root Maggot Research.Root Maggot Research - August 2004
NPARL Entomologist, Stefan Jaronski, and Biological Science Technician, Rob Schlothauer, collected sugar beets on August 26, 2004, from experimental plots located next to the Busch Ag Resources malt barley facility in Sidney.  After collecting and cleaning the sample beets they're then able to evaluate and record the damages caused by sugar beets root maggots such as holes and multiple tap roots, which curbs the growth and sugar production of the beets. (6 photos)

Tracking crickets in a tree.Tracking in Utah, Colorado & Idaho - 2004
NPARL's Entomologist, Greg Sword, had the help of collaborator Darryl Gwynne, NPARL Technician Laura Senior, and Aid Gabriel Miller to study the migratory behavior of Mormon crickets.This team traveled throughout Utah, Colorado and Idaho tracking their movements and these photos depict the tedious process of documenting and retrieving radio transmitters attached to the back of the insects. (9 photos)

Link to photos of Froid Research Farm Tour.Froid Research Farm Tour - June 2004
NPARL researchers from the Ag Systems Research Unit were among the featured speakers at the 2004 Froid Research Farm Tour held Thursday, June 24 at the Eastern Montana farmsite.  Their topics included: Forage rotation study by Weed Ecologist Andy Lenssen;  Phosphorous effects on nitrogen fixation by peas by Soil Scientist Jed Waddell;  Nitrogen and carbon pooling in soils by Soil Scientist Upendra Sainju; and Soil aggregation by Microbiologist TheCan Caesar.  Two other speakers at the event were MSU Cropland Specialist Fabian Menalled and MSU Extension Entomologist Sue Blodgett.  The tour also included a visit to the Dry Prairie Rural Water construction site with Clint Jacobs and the Dane Valley Saline Seep Project with Montana Salinity Control representative Jane Holzer. (5 photos)

Link to photos of CERT Training.CERT Training - March 2004
Altogether, 53 persons were certified under the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training program held March 19-21 at the NPARL.  Among the graduates were NPARL employees, Deb Waters and Jeannie Lassey, and some employee's family members, while two more NPARL employees, Safety Officer Jackie Couture and Location Administrative Officer Mellissa Brockes, were among the 10 emergency personnel coordinating and presenting at the event.  The CERT training is designed to promote a partnering effort between emergency personnel and the people they serve by training members of their neighborhoods, community organizations and workplaces in basic emergency preparedness and response skills. (13 photos)

Link to photo of ARS 50th Anniversary.ARS 50th Anniversary - November 2003
In celebration of the Agricultural Research Service's 50th Anniversary, NPARL hosted an in-house potluck luncheon for all employees and their families on Nov. 3, 2003, a special open house "Decades Party" for the public on Nov. 6, 2003, and teamed up with local grocery stores on the week following National Agriculture Day, March 20, 2004, to display posters next to foods that have benefited from agriculture research over the years.  (50th Anniversary Slideshowincluding 5 .pdfs also available for viewing)

Link to photos of Malt Barley Loading Facility Dedication.Malt Barley Facility - August 2003
On August 12, 2003, a dedication ceremony took place for the new Busch Ag Resources malt barley loading facility located just north of Sidney.  The new site provides area producers with a new cropping option, including area sugar beet growers who can easily add it to existing rotations. (4 photos)

Link to photos of Nesson Valley Dedication Ceremony.Nesson Valley Groundbreaking - August 2003
The MonDak Irrigation Research and Development Project's groundbreaking ceremony took place just west of Williston, North Dakota, on August 7th, 2003.  More than ten guest speakers joined local farmers, media personnel and people from the area to welcome this new irrigation project.  (10 photos)

Link to photos of EARC Field Day 2003.EARC Field Day - July 2003
NPARL irrigation researchers Dr. Robert Evans and Bill Iversen participated in the 2003 MSU Eastern Ag Research Center Field Day held in July. They discussed devices used to measure the water content in soil and the future of the Agricultural Research Service.  (6 photos)

Link to photos of Plant Presentation for Kids.Plant Presentation for Kids - July 2003
NPARL Botanist, Dr. John Gaskin, presented a PowerPoint Presentation to 23 kids on "amazing" plants for the Summer program held at the Sidney Public Library, July 23.  He also taught the kids about invasive weeds by explaining how they naturally distributed themselves and the dangers that can come along with seeds that travel too far.  (5 photos)

Link to photos of 2003 Froid Research Farm Tour.Froid Research Farm Tour - June 2003
The Froid Research Farm Tour held on June 26 featured several guest speakers including MSU Entomologist Sue Blodgett; a member of the MT Dept. of Agriculture Monty Sullins; MSU-Bozeman Researcher Andrew Lenssen, and NPARL Researchers, Robert Kolberg, Verlan Cochran, and Rene France.  After the tours a barbeque supper was put on by the Roosevelt and Sheridan County Conservation Districts.  (7 photos)

Link to photos of Heritage Day Parade.Heritage Day Parade - June 2003
NPARL's P.E.S.T.S. (Precision Entomological Sweep Net Technical Specialists) Drill Team marched in the annual Heritage Day Parade  on June 14th and won the Judge's top award in the "Fun" category.  The eight-member team performed a series of precision routines along the mile-and-a-half parade route including the "fancy sweep;" and the "conga line."  (5 photos)

Link to photos of Brown Bagger Seminar Series.Brown Bagger Seminar Series - 2002-2003
NPARL's new Brown Bagger seminar series takes place every other Friday from noon to 1 PM in the Tech Transfer Room.  This provides a great opportunity for scientists to give presentations on their current research to the public and their fellow co-workers.  Here are photos from the 2002-2003 seminars.  (4 photos) 

Link to photos of Haunted Open House.Haunted Open House - October 2002
NPARL and the Sidney Area Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture teamed up to give local business leaders and their families a glimpse of the lab's new facility as part of the Chamber's "Business After Hours" (PDF; 691 KB) program. Visitors to the lab were treated to tours and refreshments, courtesy of the lab employees. The evening featured a Halloween theme.  (7 photos; PDF; 691 KB)


Link to photos of Teachers Tour.Teachers Tour - October 2002
Elementary and secondary education teachers from across Eastern Montana attended classes at the local high school as part of Education East, (PDF; 514 KB) an annual, two-day, teacher in-service program held October 17-18 in Sidney, MT. NPARL was a featured tour stop with scientists from both the Pest Management and Agricultural Systems Research Units giving presentations, along with scientists from Montana State University's Eastern Agricultural Research Center which shares the Sidney facility. Here tour participants learn about grasshopper research being conducted at the lab.  (4 photos; PDF; 514 KB)

Link to photos of NPARL Dedication Ceremony.NPARL Dedication Ceremony - August 2002
Click on this picture to view photos from our Dedication Ceremonythat was held on Saturday, August 10, 2002 to celebrate the completion of our new 21,470-square foot lab/office complex.  The ceremony was open to the public and included a formal program, a ribbon cutting, tours of the facility, refreshments, music and special displays.  (60 photos)