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Local Events:

Click here for information regarding best practices for managing pipeline reclamation..
.and click on the link for the landowners handout!

Research presentations from the Workshop are available here.

2013 FREE E-rase your E-waste Events:
Sidney held their Spring 2013 event on May 10-11 with Fairview Chamber adding e-cycling to its annual spring cleanup activities on May 11. Click on the link for printable details on this year's event and here for more e-waste information.


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Welcome! The Northern Plains Agricultural Research Laboratory(NPARL) in Sidney, MT, is one of more than 120 Agricultural Research Service (ARS) facilities in the U.S. NPARL is made up of two research units: the Agricultural Systems Research Unit and the Pest Management Research Unit.
NPARL Vision: 
Agricultural solutions through innovative science. 


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TheAgricultural Systems Research Unit(ASRU) focuses on irrigated and dryland cropping systems that will enhance soil and water quality, conserve natural resources, and reduce dependence on agrochemicals in the Upper Missouri River.


ThePest Management Research Unit(PMRU) focuses on developing ecologically based strategies, technologies, and products for the management of insects, pests, and weeds in crops and rangeland. 

Location Coordinator and Research Leader:

Dr. John Gaskin

Research Botanist
Phone: 406.433.9444 
Fax: 406.433.5038

User-friendly Web address:

How to Find Us:
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 Solid Substrate PDFSolid Substrate Fermentation  of Beauveria bassiana and Metarhizium anisopliae
 Strip Till StudyStrip Till Study on Sugar Beets 
Status Report with data from 2004-2008 of an initiated four-year study (PDF)

 NPARL  1500 North Central Avenue,  Sidney, MT 59270  PH:406.433.2020  FAX:406.433.5038

Last Modified: 8/12/2016
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