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Issue: November/December 2006
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Issue: November/December 2006

The Northern PlainFacts from the USDA-ARS Northern Plains Agricultural Research Laboratory in Sidney, Montana, offers brief updates on research, personnel and events at the lab, and includes contact names and e-mail addresses for those interested in further details.

In This Month's Issue:

ARS scientists attends international meeting

ARS scientist participates in entomology meeting

ARS ag engineer participates in irrigation workshop

ARS research prompts increased signups for NRCS


Montana ARS scientists participate in international soil/agronomy meeting.

Four NPARL researchers are participating in the 2006 International Annual Meetings of the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America in Indianapolis, IN Nov. 12-16. NPARL scientists giving oral presentations are Post Doc and sensor specialist Yunseop Kim, and Soil Scientists Jay Jabro and Upendra Sainju. Drs. Jabro, Sainju and NPARL Agronomist William Stevens are also doing poster presentations. All four researchers are members of NPARL's Agricultural Systems Research Unit.

Their presentations include:

? "Web-Based Real-Time Monitoring of Lysimeter Using Wireless Sensor Network" by Y. Kim, R. Evans, J. Jabro and B. Iversen

? "Soil Carbon Dioxide Fluxes in Relation to Physical Properties as Influenced by Management Practices" by J. Jabro, U. Sainju, B. Stevens and R. Evans

? "Cover Crops and Sampling Dates Effect on Soil Carbon Pools under Conservation Tillage" by U. Sainju, H. Schomberg, B. Singh, P. Tillman and S. Lachnicht Weyers

Poster presentations include:

? "Nitrogen Uptake and Utilization by Strip-Till Sugarbeet" by B. Stevens, R. Evans, B. Iversen and J. Jabro

? "Carbon and Nitrogen Pools in Aggregates Separated by Dry and Wet Sieving Methods" by U. Sainju

? "The Impact of Business Practices on the Environment: Best Practices for Communicating Remediation Efforts to Non-Scientists," by A. Jabro and J. Jabro


The presentations are among more than 2,500 planned for this year's ASA-CSS-SSA meeting. The 2006 event also includes members of the U.S. Canola Association (USCA) which is holding its annual research conference in conjunction with the Societies' Annual Meetings.


(Robert Evans, 406.433.9486,
(Bill Iversen, 406.433.9417,
(Jay Jabro, 406.433.9492,
(Upendra Sainju, 406.433.9408,
(Bart Stevens, 406.433.9476,


ARS scientist participates in national entomology meeting.

NPARL Research Entomologist David Branson participated in the Entomological Society of America's 2006 annual meeting in Indianapolis, IN December 10-13. Branson gave a presentation in the "Behavior and Ecology Section" entitled "Grasshopper host-plant selection influences seedling recruitment of native plants in an exotic dominated grassland" from a paper he coauthored with former NPARL Ecologist Gregory A. Sword. Dr. Branson is a member of NPARL's Pest Management Unit. The Entomological Society of America is the largest organization in the world serving the professional and scientific needs of entomologists and colleagues in related disciplines. Nearly 2,000 members attended the 2006 meeting which featured 61 symposia on topics such as agriculture, biotechnology, pest control, Integrated Pest Management, invasive species, regulation, ecology and medical entomology.


(Dave Branson, 406.433.9406,


ARS ag engineer participates in irrigation workshop.

NPARL Irrigation specialist Dr. Robert Evans participated in an all-day irrigation workshop for practicing irrigators held in Bismarck, ND, Dec. 7. Dr. Evans, an agricultural engineer who also heads the Sidney ARS lab's Agricultural Systems Research Unit, discussed his research into "Site-specific water applications Under Self-Propelled Sprinkler Irrigation Systems." The Bismarck workshop was held in conjunction with the North Dakota Water Users convention and was cosponsored by that group and the Missouri Slope Irrigation Development Association, the North Dakota Irrigation Association and the North Dakota State University Extension Service. Other topics discussed included an update on the Environmental Quality Incentives Program for irrigation, center pivot wheel track management, and assorted presentations on corn for ethanol.


(Robert Evans, 406.433.9486,


ARS research prompts increased signups for NRCS initiative.

Natural Resources Conservation Service representatives from Glendive, MT saw a significant increase in the number of expected applicants for their Special Initiative on Reduced Tillage following a December 1st presentation by NPARL Physical Scientist Bill Iversen. Iversen had discussed the lab's ongoing research of strip tillage in irrigated sugar beets as part of the NRCS Glendive (MT) Field Office's roll-out of a new reduced tillage initiative. In a letter to Iversen, representatives from the Glendive NRCS office noted "Because of your enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject, many of those that were in attendance that day have been in to the NRCS field office to discuss the possibility of using reduced tillage on their irrigated crop acres." Iversen is a member of NPARL's Agricultural Systems Research Unit.

(Bill Iversen, 406.433.9417,


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