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Fun Websites

Below is a list of some fun websites for you to check out!  All you have to do is click on a title and you're on your way! 


ARS Photo Library


Bureau of Reclamation: Water Learn

    • Agri Water

    • Nature Water

    • Urban Water

    • Water Wise Gardens

    • Teacher Lesson Plans

• Can an Apple Change Shape?

• Careful!!!  Earth Worms Underfoot

• Cricket Parade

• Dairy Web Sites - AIPL Kid's Corner 

• Endangered Species Program - Kids Corner

• EPA's Water For KIDS!

    • Games & Online Activities About Water

    • Classroom Activities & Experiments About Water

    • ExploringEstuaries

    • Play Games And Learn AboutPollution

    • Water Facts of Life!

• Explore Planet Ag: Agricultural Science Fair Projects 

• Facts About Dairy Products- AIPL Kids Corner

• Farm Safety 4 Just Kids

• Forest Service - How Leaves Change Color 

• Global Warming Kids Site

• Ground Water Kid's Corner

• How Much DNA Do You Eat?

• How NASA Studies Water

• Hyper Physics

• Kids Water Fun 

• Kids World

• Leafy Greens Council Homepage

• Lewis and Clark 

• MDA - Kids and the MDA!

• Macrogalleria

• Montana is for KIDS!

• Movies: Plants-In-Motion 

• New York City Water Story 

• North Carolina Department of Agriculture - Kids Stuff

    • Ag's Cool 

    • "The Back Porch" Activity Page   

      • "Down on the Farm" Coloring Book
      • Nutrient Data Lab: Search for info. about what you eat!

    • Paleogeology

    • PeepResearch

    • PlantHunters


• Round & Round It Goes: Water Cycle 

• Science4 Kids

• Science Fair Projects/Science Buddies 

• Science In Your Shopping Cart

• Smokey The Bear For Kids

• Space Weather

• STOOPID Plant Tricks

• The Adventures of Herman the Earthworm

• The Honey Expert

• The Kid's AgPage

• The Story of Drinking Water 

• The Story of Groundwater(3 min. 43 sec.)

The WHY FILES?: Science Behind The Scenes

    • Grades 5-8 and 9-12: Lots of interesting stuff!

    • New Classroom Materials:Lots more here!

• TIPS to making a GREAT poster

• USDA ForKids

• USGS: Water Science for Schools

• Water Cycle I (Animated Diagram)

• Water Games for Kids and Teens 

• Water Quality 

• Weather

• Whiz Kids Activities

• Woodsy Owl 

• Worldwide Water Education

Main Kids Page


  • Science4Kids

"Bug" Recipes

Lewis & Clark

Soil & Organisms

Other Fun Websites





Last Modified: 2/16/2017
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