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Matt Rinella's Publications

Rinella, M.J., Luschei, E.C. 2007. Hierarchial bayesian methods estimate invasive weed impacts at pertinent spatial scales. Biological Invasions 9:545-558.

Rinella, M.J., Pokorny, M.L. 2007. Rangeland Biodiversity: Do Realistic Species Losses Alter Ecosystem Function and Invasion Risks?. Society of Range Management Abstract #364.

Rinella, M.J. and R.L. Sheley. 2006. Using light attenuation to estimate leafy spurge impacts on forage production. Rangeland Ecology & Management 59:431-437.

Rinella, M.J., Luschei, E.C. 2006. The Within-Site and Regional Impacts of Leafy Spurge: Hierarchical Bayesian Methods Estimate Invasive Weed Impacts at Pertinent Spatial Scales. Western Society of Weed Science.

Rinella, M.J. and R.L. Sheley. 2005. Influence of soil water availability on competition among leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula) and grasses. Western North American Naturalist 65:233-241.

Rinella, M.J. and R.L. Sheley. 2005. Models that predict invasive weed and grass dynamics: 1. Model Development. Weed Science 53:586-593.

Rinella, M.J and R.L. Sheley. 2005. Models that predict invasive weed and grass dynamics: 2. Accuracy Evaluation. Weed Science 53:605-614.

Vermeire, L.T., Geary, T.W., Grings, E.E., Haferkamp, M.R., Heitschmidt, R.K., Macneil, M.D., Rinella, M.J., Alexander, L.J., Roberts, A.J., Waterman, R.C., Branson, D.H. 2005. 2005 research update. Research Update for FortKeogh Livestock and Range Research Laboratory. 57 pgs.

Rinella, M.J., Sheley, R.L., Goodman, D. 2004. Toward a decision support system for leafy spurge-infested plant communities. Society for Range Management Meeting Abstracts #8. On CD.

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