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Floyd E Dowell

Research Agricultural Engineer

Dr. Floyd Dowell                

Dr. Floyd Dowell
Research Agricultural Engineer

Contact Information:

ATTN: Floyd Dowell
1515 College Avenue
Manhattan, KS  66502

Telephone: 785.776.2753
Fax: 785.537.5550

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Dr. Dowell is involved with SPIERU's engineering project. He develops instruments and procedures to measure the characteristics of wheat and other biological materials using techniques such as near-infrared spectroscopy. Current projects include using NIRS to measure grain traits such as scab damage, wheat hardness, amylose content, protein content, and color class. He also develops automated sorting technology that is used to select kernels with specific traits to enhance the quality of breeding lines. This research is also being applied to identifying insect characteristics such as mosquito species, midge and mosquito age, and honeybee health.

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Peiris, K. H.S., W. W. Bockus, and F. E. Dowell. 2016. Near-infrared spectroscopic evaluation of single-kernel deoxynivalenol accumulation and Fusarium head blight resistance components in wheat. Cereal Chem. 93: 25-31.
Sikulu-Lord, M. T., M. F. Maia, M. P. Milali, M. Henry, G. Mkandawile, E. A. Kho, R. A. Wirtz, L. E. Hugo, F. E. Dowell, and G. J. Devine. 2016. Rapid and non-destructive detection and identification of two strains of Wolbachia in Aedes aegypti by near-infrared spectroscopy. PLoS Negl Trop Dis 10: e0004759. doi:10.1371/journal.pntd.0004759.
Sikulu-Lord, M. T., M. P. Milali, M. Henry, R. A. Wirtz, L. E. Hugo, F. E. Dowell, and G. J. Devine. 2016. Near-infrared spectroscopy, a rapid method for predicting the age of male and female wild-type and Wolbachia infected Aedes aegypti. PloS Negl. Trop. Dis. 10: e0005040.
Kinzner, M. -C., H. C. Wagner, A. Peskoller, K. Moder, F. E. Dowell, W. Arthofer, B. C. Schlick-Steiner, and F. M. Steiner. 2015. A near infrared spectroscopy routine for unambiguous identification of cryptic ant species. PeerJ 3: e991.
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Dowell, F. E., D. Wang, X. Wu, and K. M. Dowell. 2014. Detecting the antimalarial artemisinin in plant extracts using near-infrared spectroscopy. Am. J. Agric. Sci. Tech. 2: 1-7.

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