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Psocid ID: <i>Liposcelis paeta</i>
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psocid icon  Psocid ID:   Introduction | Picture Key           (G. Opit, J. Throne, and K. Friesen)

L. paeta, x100
Liposcelis paeta Pearman (section II, Group D)

  • Abdominal terga 3-4 with a posterior membranous band
  • Color white to pale yellow; head and thorax darker than abdomen
  • The shoulder bristle is small and inconspicuous
     psocid detail, x400
  • Has a lateral pair of prosternal bristles located posterior to the middle of prosternum
     psocid detail, x400
  • 3 ommatidia
     psocid detail, x400
  • Areoles of vertex
       - are arched forward bearing small nodules
       - the nodules are continuous along anterior margins of most areoles
       - separated by thin clear lines
     psocid detail, x400
  • Abdominal areoles
       - transversely oriented
       - bear small nodules in one to three rows
       - separated by lines of minute nodules or granules
     psocid detail, x400