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Psocid ID: <i>Liposcelis fusciceps</i>
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psocid icon  Psocid ID:   Introduction | Picture Key           (G. Opit, J. Throne, and K. Friesen)

L. fusciceps, x100
Liposcelis fusciceps Badonnel (Section I, Group A, subgroup Ab)

  • Abdominal terga 3-4 not with a posterior membranous band (at least in the middle)
  • Abdominal terga 3-8 have an obvious sclerotized strip along anterior margin
  • The shoulder bristle (S1) is long and strong
       - has 2 supplementary bristles on each lateral pronotal lobe
     psocid detail, x400
  • All prosternal bristles anterior to middle of prosternum
     psocid detail, x400
  • 8 ommatidia
     psocid detail, x400
  • Areoles of vertex
       - are medium brown with a reddish tinge (the color of the head)
       - most of the areoles of vertex bearing moderately sized nodules
       - postero-central areoles bear fine granulations
     psocid detail, x400
  • Meso-metathoracic and abdominal terga sculpture are uniformly covered with compact nodules that do not form areoles
     psocid detail, x400