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Armstrong, P.R., Casada, M.E., and Lawrence, J.  2012.  Development of equilibrium moisture relationships for storage moisture monitoring of cornApplied Engineering in Agriculture.  28(5):677-683.



Agelet, L.E., Armstrong, P.R., Clariana, I.R., and Hurburgh, C.R.  2012.  Measurement of single soybean seed attributes by near-infrared technologies.  A comparative studyJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.  60:8314-8322.



Armstrong, P.R. and Tallada, J.G. 2012.  Prediction of kernel density of corn using single-kernel near infrared spectroscopy.  Applied Engineering in.  28(4):569-574.


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Armstrong, P.R., Tallada, J.G., Hurburgh, C., Hildebrand, D.F., Specht, J.E.  2011.  Development of single seed near-infrared spectroscopic predictions of corn and soybeans constituents using bulk reference values and mean spectra.  Transactions of the ASABE.  54(4):1529-1535.


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Tallada, J.G., Wicklow, D.T., Pearson, T.C., and Armstrong, P.R.  2011.  Detection of fungus-infected corn kernels using near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy and color imaging.  Transactions of the ASABE.  54(3):1151-1158.



Lee, K., Armstrong, P.R., Thomasson, A., Sui, R., Casada, M., and Herrman, T.J.  2010.  Development and characterization of food-grade tracers for the global grain tracing and recall systemJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.  58:10945-10957.


439 Reprint Icon

Kyung-Min Lee, Armstrong, P.R., Thomasson, J.A., Sui, R., Casada, M., and Herrman, T.J.  2011.  Application of binomial and multinomial probability statistics to the sampling design process of a global grain tracing and recall systemFood Control.  22:1085-1094.


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Tallada, J.G., Palacios-Rojas, N., and Armstrong, P.R.  2009.  Prediction of maize seed attributes using a rapid single kernel near infrared instrumentJournal of Cereal Science.  50(3):381-387. 


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Gonzales, H., Armstrong, P., and Maghirang, R.G.  2009.  Simultaneous monitoring of stored grain with relative humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide sensorsApplied Engineering in Agriculture.  25(4):595-604.


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Spielbauer, G., Armstrong, P., Baier, J.W., Allen, W.B., Richardson, K., Shen, B., and Settles, A. M.  2009.  High-throughput near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy for predicting quantitative and qualitative composition phenotypes of individual maize kernels.  Cereal Chemistry.  86(5):556-564.


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Casada, M.E. and Armstrong, P.R.  Wheat moisture measurement with a fringing field capacitive sensor.  Transactions of the ASABE.  52(5):1785-1791.


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Armstrong, P.R. and Weiting, M.  2008.  Design and testing of an instrument to measure equilibrium moisture content of grain.  Applied Engineering in Agriculture


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Armstrong, P.R., Lingenfelser, J.E., and McKinney, L.  2007.  The Effect of Moisture Content on Determining Corn Hardness from Grinding Time, Grinding Energy, and Near-Infrared SpectroscopyApplied Engineering in Agriculture.  23(6):793-799.


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Armstrong, P.R. 2006. Rapid Single-Kernel NIR Measurement of Grain and Oil-Seed AttributesApplied Engineering in Agriculture.  22(5): 767-772.

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Armstrong, P.R., Maghirang, E.B., Xie, F., and Dowell, F.E. 2006. Comparison of Dispersive and Fourier-Transform NIR Instruments for Measuring Grain and Flour AttributesApplied Engineering in Agriculture.  22(3): 453-457.


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Uddin, M.S., Armstrong, P.R., and Zhang, N. 2006. Accuracy of Grain Moisture Content Prediction Using Temperature and Relative Humidity SensorsApplied Engineering in Agriculture.  22(2): 267-273.

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