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Dr. Pearson worked with USDA-ARS for 20 years and now works in the private sector.  Below is a list of publications for Dr. Pearson.
482 Reprint Icon 

Haff, R.P., Pearson, T.C., and Maghirang, E.  2013.  A multispectral sorting device for isolating single wheat kernels with high protein content.  Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization.  7:149-157.  Available online at


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Pearson, T.C., Maghirang, E.B., and Dowell, F.E.  2013.  A multispectral sorting device for wheat kernels.  Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology.  2:45-60.


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Pearson, T.C., Moore, D., and Pearson J.  2012.  A machine vision system for high speed sorting of small spots on grainsJournal of Food Measurement & Characterization.  6:27-34.


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Brabec, D.L., Pearson, T.C., Flinn, P.W.  2012.  Detection of lesser grain borer larvae in internally infested kernels of brown rice and wheat using an electrically conductive roller mill.  Cereal Foods World.


454 Reprint Icon

Yorulmaz, O., Pearson, T.C., Cetin, A.E.  2012.  Detection of fungal damaged popcorn using image property covariance features.  Computers and Electronics in Agriculture.  84:47-53.

451 Reprint Icon

Tallada, J.G., Wicklow, D.T., Pearson, T.C., and Armstrong, P.R.  2011.  Detection of fungus-infected corn kernels using near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy and color imaging.  Transactions of the ASABE.  54(3):1151-1158.


Pearson, T., Knievel, D., and Hucl, P.  2011.  Automated sorting of glabrous versus pubescent annual canarygrass seeds.  Applied Engineering in Agriculture.  27(4):663-667. 

448 Reprint Icon  

Morris, C.F., Delwiche, S.R., Bettge, A.D., Mabille, F., Abecassis, J., Pitts, M.J., Dowell, F.E., Deroo, C., and Pearson, T.  2011.  Collaborative analysis of wheat endosperm compressive material propertiesCereal Chemistry.  88(4):391-396.


Kalkan, H., Beriat, P., Pearson, T.C., and Yardimci, Y.  2011.  Detection of contaminated hazelnuts and ground red chili pepper flakes by multispectral imagingComputers and Electronics in Agriculture.  77:28-34.


Pearson, T.C.  2010.  High-Speed Sorting of Grains by Color and Surface TextureApplied Engineering in Agriculture.  26(3):499-505.


Brabec, D.L., Pearson, T.C., Flinn, P.W., and Katzke, D.  2010.  Detection of internal insects in wheat using a conductive roller mill and estimation of insect fragments in the resulting flourJournal of Stored Products Research.  46(3):180-185.


Pearson, T.C., Wicklow, D.T., and Brabec, D.L.  2010.  Technical Note:  Characteristics and Sorting of white Food Corn Contaminated with MycotoxinsApplied Engineering in Technology.  26(1):109-113. 


Pearson, T.  2009.  Hardware-based image processing for high-speed inspection of grainsComputers and Electronics in Agriculture.  69(1):12-18.


Ince, N.F., Goksu, F., Tewfik, A., Onaran, I., Cetin, A.E., and Pearson, T.C.  2008.  Discrimination Between Closed and Open Shell (Turkish) Pistachio Nuts Using Undecimated Wavelet Packet Transform.  Biological Engineering (ASABE).  1(2):159-172.

Ince, N.F., Onaran, I., Pearson, T.C., Tewfik, A., Cetin, A.E., Kalkan, H., and Yardimci, Y.  2008.  Identification of Damaged Wheat Kernels and Cracked-Shell Hazelnuts with Impact Acoustics Time-Frequency Patterns.  Transactions of the ASABE.  51(4):1461-1469.


Pearson, T., Brabec, D., and Haley, S.  2008.  Improved discrimination of soft and hard white wheat using SKCS and imaging parameters.  Sensing and Instrumentation for Food Quality and Safety. DOI 10.1007/s11694-008-9063-z.



Pearson, T., Brabec, D., and Haley, S.  2008.  Color image based sorter for separating red and white wheatSensing and Instrumentation for Food Quality and Safety. DOI 10.1007/s11694-008-9062-0.


Haff, R.P. and Pearson, T.C.  2007.  Separating in-shell pistachio nuts from kernels using impact vibration analysis.  Sensing and Instrutmentation for Food Quality and Safety.  1(4):188-192.


Pearson , T.C., Wilson, J.D., Gwirtz, J., Maghirang, E.B., Dowell, F.E., Mccluskey, P., Bean, S. 2007. The Relationship Between Single Wheat Kernel Particle Size Distribution and the Perten SKCS 4100 Hardness Index.  Cereal Chemistry.   84(6):567-575. Online. doi:10.1094/CCHEM-84-6-0567.


Pearson , T.C. and Brabec, D.L. 2007. Detection of Wheat Kernels with Hidden Insect Infestations with an Electrically Conductive Roller Mill.   Applied Engineering in Agriculture.   23(5):639-645


Haff, R.P. and Pearson, T.C. 2007. An Automatic Algorithm for Detection of Infestations in X-Ray Images of Agricultural Products.  Sens. & Instrumen. Food Qual.   1(3):143-150.  DOI 10.1007/s11694-007-9018-9.


Cheng, E.M., Alavi, S., Pearson, T., and Agbisit, R. 2007. Mechanical-Acoustic and Sensory Evaluations of Cornstarch-Whey Protein Isolate Extrudates.  Journal of Texture Studies.  38(4):473-49.




Onaran, I., Pearson, T.C., Yardimci, Y., and Cetin, A.E. 2006. Detection of Underdeveloped Hazelnuts from Fully Developed Nuts by Impact Acoustics.Transactions of the ASABE.  49(6):1971-1976.


Pearson, T.C. and Brabec, D.L. 2006. Camera Attachment for Automatic Measurement of Single-Wheat Kernel Size on a Perten SKCS 4100.  Applied Engineering in Agriculture.  22(6):927-933.


Haff, R.P., and Pearson, T.C. 2006. Spectral Band Selection for Optical Sorting of Pistachio Nut Defects.Transactions of the ASABE. 49(4): 1105-1113.


Pearson, T.C. and Wicklow, D.T. 2006. Detection of Corn Kernels Infected by Fungi.  Transactions of the ASABE. 49(4): 1235-1245.



Toews, M.D., Pearson, T.C., and Campbell , J.F. 2006. Imaging and Automated Detection of Sitophilus oryzae L. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) Pupae in Hard Red Winter Wheat.  Journal of Economic Entomology. 99(2): 583-592.


Baye, T.M., Pearson, T.C., and Settles, A.M. 2006. Development of a Calibration to Predict Maize Seed Composition Using Single Kernel Near Infrared Spectroscopy.   Journal of Cereal Science
43(2): 236-243.


Haff, R.P., Jackson , E.S., and Pearson, T.C. 2006. Non-Destructive Detection of Pits in Dried Plums.Applied Engineering in Agriculture.  21(6): 1021-1026



Delwiche, S.R., Pearson, T.C., and Brabec, D.L. 2005. High-Speed Optical Sorting of Soft Wheat for Reduction of Deoxynivalenol.  Plant Disease.  89(11): 1214-1219.


Wang, N., Zhang, N., Dowell, F.E., and Pearson, T. 2005.Determining Vitreousness of Durum Wheat Using Transmitted and Reflected Images.  Transactions of the ASAE. 48(1): 219-222.



Xie, F., Pearson, T., Dowell, F.E., and Zhang, N. 2004.  Detecting Vitreous Wheat Kernels Using Reflectance and Transmittance Image Analysis.  Cereal Chemistry.  81(5):594-597.


Cetin, A.E., Pearson, T.C., and Tewfik, A.H. 2004. Classification of Closed- And Open- Shell Pistachio Nuts Using Voice-Recognition Technology.   Transaction of the ASAE.  47(2): 659-664.


Pearson, T.C., Wicklow, D.T., and Pasikatan, M.C. 2004. Reduction of Aflatoxin and Fumonisin Contamination in Yellow Corn by High-Speed Dual-Wavelength Sorting.  Cereal Chemistry.  81(4): 490-498.



Pearson, T.C., Brabec, D.L., and Schwartz, C.R.  2003.  Automated detection of internal insect infestations in whole wheat kernels using a Perten SKCS 4100.  Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 19(6):727-733.


Wang, Ning, Zhang, Naiqian, Dowell, Floyd, and Pearson, T.C.  2003.  Determination of Durum Wheat Vitreousness Using Transmissive and Reflective Images.  ASAE Paper Number 033138.




Pearson, T.C. and Young, R.  2002.  Automated sorting of almonds with embedded shell by laser transmittance imaging.  Applied Engineering in Agriculture.  18(5): 637-641.


Pearson, T.C., Edwards, R.H., Mossman, A.P., Wood, D.W., Yu, P.C. and Miller, E.L.  2002.  Insect egg counting on mass rearing oviposition pads by image analysis.  Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 18(1):129-135.


Pearson, T.C. and Brabec, D.L.  2002.  Automated detection of hidden internal insect infestations in wheat kernels using electrical conductance.  ASAE Paper No. 023073.


Dowell, F.E., Pearson, T.C., Maghirang, E.B., Xie, F., and Wicklow, D.T.  2002.  Reflectance and transmittance spectroscopy applied to detecting fumonisin in single corn kernels infected with Fusarium verticillioides.  Cereal Chemistry.  79(2):222-226.



Pearson, T.C., Doster, M., and Michailides, T.J.  2001.  Automated detection of pistachio defects by machine vision.  Applied Engineering in Agriculture.  17(5):81-84.



Pearson, T.C., Wicklow, D.T., Maghirang, E.B., Xie, F., and Dowell, F.E.  2001.  Detecting aflatoxin in single corn kernels by transmittance and reflectance spectroscopy.  Transactions of the ASAE.  44(5):1247-1254.


Pearson, T.C.  2001.  Detection of pistachio nuts with closed shells using impact acoustics.  Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 17(2):249-253.

Older Publications 


Pearson, T.C. and Schatzki, T.F.  1998.  Machine vision system for automated detection of aflatoxin-contaminated pistachios.  Journal Agricultural and Food Chemistry.  4(6):2248-2252. 


Pearson, T.C.  1998.  Detection and treatment of almonds with concealed damage.  Ph.D. disertation.  University of California, Davis.


Pearson, T.C.  1996.  Machine vision system for automated detection of stained pistachio nuts.Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft und -Technologies  29(3):203-209.


Pearson, T.C. and Slaughter, D.C.  1996.  Machine vision detection of early split pistachio nuts.  Transactions of the ASAE.  39(3):1203-1207.


Pearson, T.C., Slaughter, D.C., and Studer, H.E.  1996.  Hull adhesion characteristics of early split and normal pistachio nuts.  Applied Engineering in Agriculture.  12(2):219-221.


Pearson, T.C., Slaughter, D.C., and Studer, H.E.  1994.  Physical properties of pistachio nuts.  Transactions of the ASAE.  37(3):913-918.


Pearson, T.C.  1994.  Separating early split from normal pistachio nuts for removal of nuts contaminated on the tree with aflatoxin.  M.S. thesis, University of California, Davis. 


Pearson, T.C. and Brabec, D.L.  2006.  Method and apparatus for non-destructive detection of pits and seed fragments in fruit.  United States patent application.  U.S. Patent No. 7,024,942.

Pearson, T.C. 2003. Acoustical apparatus and method for sorting objects. United States Patent Number 6,541,725 B2. 

Pearson, T.C. 1997.  Machine vision apparatus and method for sorting objects.   United States Patent No. 5,703,784.

Ingraham, T. and Pearson, T.C.  1993.  Double plenum air conveyor/accumulator.   United States Patent No. 5,222,840.




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