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Gwirtz, J., Hosney, C.R., Dowell, F.E., Hubbard, R. 2007. A Unique Approach to Micronization.International Miller. 06/07:60-66.


395 Reprint Icon

Haff, R.P. and Pearson, T.C. 2007.  Separating in-shell pistachio Nuts from Kernels Using Impact Vibration Analysis.  Sensing and Instrumentation for Food Quality and Safety.Vol. 1(4):188-192


393 Reprint Icon

Armstrong, P.R., Lingenfelser, J.E., and McKinney, L. 2007. The Effect of Moisture Content on Determining Corn Hardness from Grinding Time, Grinding Energy, and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy.  Applied Engineering in Agriculture.  23(6):793-799.


392 Reprint Icon

McIntosh, R.B. and Casada, M.E.2007. Fringing Field Capacitance Sensor for Measruing the Moisture Content of Agricultural Commodities.  IEEE Sensors Journal.  8(3):240-247.


389 Reprint Icon

Dowell, F.E., Maghirang, E.B., Pierce, R.O., Lookhart, G.L., Bean, S.R., Xie, F., Caley, M.S., Wilson, J.D., Seabourn, B.W., Ram, M.S., Park, S.H., and Chung, O.K. Relationship of Bread Quality to Kernel, Flour, and Dough Properties.  Cereal Chemistry. 85(1):82-91.


Pearson, T.C., Wilson, J.D., Gwirtz, J., Maghirang, E.B., Dowell, F.E., Mccluskey, P., Bean, S. 2007. The Relationship Between Single Wheat Kernel Particle Size Distribution and the Perten SKCS 4100 Hardness Index.Cereal Chemistry. 84(6):567-575. Online. doi:10.1094/CCHEM-84-6-0567.

387 Reprint Icon 

Toews, M.D., Perez-Mendoza, J., Throne, J.E., Dowell, F.E., Maghirang, E., Arthur, F.H., and Campbell, J.F.  2007.  Rapid Assessment of Insect Fragments in Flour Milled from Wheat Infested with Known Densities of Immature and Adult Sitophilus oryzae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)Journal of Economic Entomology.  100(5):1714-1723.


Pearson, T.C. and Brabec, D.L. 2007. Detection of Wheat Kernels with Hidden Insect Infestations with an Electrically Conductive Roller Mill.Applied Engineering in Agriculture. Vol. 23(5):639-645.

385 Reprint Icon 

Haff, R.P. and Pearson, T.C. 2007. An Automatic Algorithm for Detection of Infestations in X-Ray Images of Agricultural Products.Sens. & Instrumen. Food Qual. Vol. 1(3):143-150. DOI 10.1007/s11694-007-9018-9.

384 Reprint Icon 

Tilley, D.R., Lagemeier, M.R., Casada, M.E., and Arthur, F.H.  2007.  Cost and Risk Analysis of Heat and Chemical Treatments.  Journal of Economic Entomology.  100(2):604-612.


Cheng, E.M., Alavi, S., Pearson, T., and Agbisit, R. 2007. Mechanical-Acoustic and Sensory Evaluations of Cornstarch-Whey Protein Isolate Extrudates. Journal of Texture Studies. Vol. 38(4):473-498.


Fengyou Jia, Elizabeth Maghirang, Floyd Dowell, Craig Abel, and Sonny Ramaswamy. 2007. Differentiating Tobacco Budworm and Corn Earworm Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy.Journal of Economic Entomology. Vol. 100(3):759-764.

381 Reprint Icon 

Throne, J.E., Perez-Mendoza, J., Maghirang, E.B., Dowell, F.E., and Baker, J.E.  2007.  Insect Fragments in flour: Relationship to Lesser Grain Borer (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) infestation level in wheat and rapid detection using near-infrared spectroscopy.  Integrated Protection of Stored Products IOBC/wprs Bulletin Vol. 30 (2):99-109.


Pearson, T.C., Cetin, E.A., Tewfik, A.H., and Haff, R.P. 2007. Feasibility of Impact-Acoustic Emissions for Detection of Damaged Wheat Kernels.Digital Signal Processing. Vol. 17:617-633.

379 Reprint Icon  

Aldrich, B.T., Maghirang, E.B., Dowell, F.E., and Kambhampati, S.  2007.  Identification of Termite Species and Subspecies of the Genus Zootermopsisusing Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy.Journal of Insect Science. Vol. 7:18, 7pp.

378 Reprint Icon 

Tilley, D.R., Casada, M., and Arthur, F.H.  2007.  Heat Treatment for Disinfestation of Empty Grain Storage Bins.  Journal of Stored Products Research.  43:221-228. 

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