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Brabec, D.L., Pearson, T.C., Flinn, P.W.  2012.  Detection of lesser grain borer larvae in internally infested kernels of brown rice and wheat using an electrically conductive roller mill.  Cereal Foods World.

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Pearson, T.C., Wicklow, D.T., and Brabec, D.L.  2010.  Technical Note:  Characteristics and sorting of white food corn contaminated with mycotoxinsApplied Engineering in Technology.  26(1):109-113.

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Brabec, D., Pearson, T., Flinn, P., and Katzke, D.  2010.  Detection of internal insects in wheat using a conductive roller mill and estimation of insect fragments in the resulting flour.  Jorunal of Stored Products Research.  46:180-185.


Pearson, T.C. and Brabec, D.L., and Haley, S. 2008.  Improved discrimination of soft and hard white wheat using SKCS and imaging parametersSensing and Instrumentation for Food Quality and Safety.  3:89-99.


Pearson, T.C., Brabec, D., and Haley, S.  2008.  Color image based sorter for separating red and white wheat.  Sensing and Instrumentation for Food Quality and Safety.  2:280-288.

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Pearson, T.C. and Brabec, D.L.  2007.  Detection of Wheat Kernels with Hidden Insect Infestations with an Electrically Conductive Roller Mill.  Applied Engineering in Agriculture23(5):639-645.


Pearson, T.C. and Brabec, D.L. 2006. Camera Attachment for Automatic Measurement of Single-Wheat Kernel Size on a Perten SKCS 4100.Applied Engineering in Agriculture 22(6):927-933.


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Brabec, D., Maghirang, R., Casada, M., and Haque, E. 2005.Characterization and Modeling of a High-Pressure Water Water-Fogging System for Grain Dust Control. Transactions of the ASAE 48(1): 331-339.


339 Reprint Icon 

Brabec, D.L., Maghirang, R.G., Casada, M.E.  2004.  Effectivness of a High-Pressure Water-Fogging System in Controlling Dust Emissions at Grain Recieving.  Transaction of the ASAE 47(2): 505-511.


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Delwiche, S.R., Pearson, T.C., and Brabec, D.L.  2005.  High-Speed Optical Sorting of Soft Wheat for Reduction of DeoxynivalenolPlant Disease 89(11):1214-1219.


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Brabec, D.L., Shogren, M.D., and Rousser, R.  2002.  Mixograph Analysis based on Mixograph Dynamics.  Cereal Foods World 47(3):98-104.


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Pearson, T.C. and Brabec, D.L.  2002.  Automated detection of hidden internal insect infestations in wheat kernels using a perten SKCS 4100.  ASAE Paper No. 023073.


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Martin, C.R., Rousser, R., and Brabec, D.L.  1993.  Development of a single-kernel wheat characterization system.  Transactions of the ASAE 36(5):1399-1404.


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Pomeranz, Y., Martin, C.R., Rousser, R., Brabec, D., and Lai, F.S.  1988.  Wheat hardness determined by a single kernel compression instrument with semi-automated feeder.  Cereal Chemistry 65(2):86-94. 


150 Reprint Icon

Lai, F.S., Rousser, R., Brabec, D., Pomeranz, Y.  1985.  Determination of Hardness in Wheat Mixtures. II. Apparatus for Automated Measurement of Hardness of Single Kernels.  Cereal Chemistry 62(3):178-184.


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