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Areawide IPM Sampling
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Areawide IPM Sampling
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Stored Grain Ecosystem
lesser grain borer on wheat
The lesser grain borer is one of the most damaging insect pests of stored wheat.
small wasps on grain
Beneficial insects: these small parasitic wasps find beetle larvae inside wheat kernels, paralyze them, and lay eggs on them. These eggs develop into new wasps.
damaged grain held by forceps
Insect damaged kernels or IDK can cause major losses in value of the grain.
lesser grain borer larva in split kernel
Lesser grain borer larva inside a wheat kernel. These larvae develop inside the kernel and cause fragments in flour.
Grain Sampling
two men using a power vacuum
Power vacuum sampling proved to be the best way to sample grain for insects. Four-foot sections of tubing can be added to the probe as it is pushed down into the grain. Grain is normally sampled to a depth of 40 feet.
man with sampling equipment and trailer
The power vacuum sampler consists of a vacuum pump powered by a gasoline engine mounted in a trailer. A hose runs from the trailer to the top of the elevator, where it connects to the probe unit.
man processing samples on an inclined sieve
Technician using an inclined sieve to separate insects from grain samples. Insects are later identified and counted, and results entered into SGA Pro.
graph showing insect density at increasing depths in a grain bin
Vertical Distribution of three insect species in concrete silos in November. Most insects were found in the top 14 meters of grain.
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Last Modified: 9/2/2016
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