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Areawide IPM Overview
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From 1998-2002, the USDA, ARS funded a demonstration project for areawide IPM for stored wheat in Kansas and Oklahoma. This project involved collaboration between researchers at the ARS Grain marketing and Production Research Center in Manhattan, Kansas, Kansas State University, and Oklahoma State University. The primary investigators in charge of the project were Dr. Carl Reed (Kansas State University), Dr. Tom Phillips (Oklahoma State University), Dr. David Hagstrum and Dr. Paul Flinn (ARS, Manhattan, Kansas). The project utilized two elevator networks, one in each state, for a total of 28 grain elevators. These elevators stored about 31 million bushels of wheat, which is approximately 1.2% of the annual national wheat production. The wheat at these elevators was harvested from over 800,000 acres. Elevators were chosen for the project so that the wheat could be followed as it moved from farm to the country elevator and finally to the terminal elevator. We also tried to select elevators that had primarily upright concrete storage. Roughly, 70% of the wheat sampled at the 24 country elevators moved to the four terminal elevators that were collaborating in the areawide IPM project.
Objectives: Areawide ProgramKey Participants
  1. Develop practical methods for sampling insects in upright concrete elevator bins.

  2. Determine the efficacy of current insect control programs in grain elevators.

  3. Determine if early aeration can be used to suppress insect population growth in grain bins.

  4. Determine if a sampling-based risk analysis program is more cost effective than calendar-based fumigation.

  5. To develop decision-support software that provides managers with a risk-analysis report for their facility.
USDA-ARS National Prog. Staff
Robert Faust
Paul Flinn
David Hagstrum
Frank Arthur
Jim Throne
Mike Mullen
Ken Friesen
Kui Zhang
Sherry Craycraft
Kansas State University
Carl Reed
Skip Allen
Oklahoma State University
Tom Phillips
Ron Noyes
Brian Adam
Gerrit Cuperus
Gary Gilbert
Stan Miller
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