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Areawide IPM Accomplishments
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Areawide IPM Accomplishments
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Program Accomplishments
  • A new method was developed that allows insect sampling in +100-foot-tall bins without having to turn the grain.

  • We developed and validated a decision support tool that can be used by elevator managers for insect problems in stored grain.

  • Based on data from the last two years, SGA Pro successfully predicted bins at risk (insects) in 527 out of 530 total bins.

  • SGA Pro can save managers money by only fumigating bins at high risk for insect losses, rather than fumigating all bins at the elevator.

  • The decision support system reduces the frequency of fumigation by only treating the bins that have high insect density, rather than treating all the bins.

  • Elevators that followed our recommendations after sampling, reduced the number of bins they normally fumigated by at least 50%.

  • A new grain-scouting company was recently started that is using SGA Pro and the sampling tools that were developed in this project.

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Last Modified: 9/2/2016
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