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Amare Retta
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Amare Retta
Soil Scientist

                       1515 College Ave
                       Manhattan, KS  66502

Phone:   785.537-5582
Fax:   785.537.5507


 Amare Retta


Amare is a member of a team in the Engineering and Wind Erosion Research Unit studying the impact of military activities on off-road training sites, on surface conditions, and wind erosion susceptibility. Amare helps in planning, design and layout of field experiments in DoD military training lands; as well as the data collection, analysis and reporting  of results in various venues.

Below is a list of some of Dr. Retta's most recent publications.  If you would like to search for more of his publications, please visit Wind Erosion Publications.

Reprint Icon Retta, A., Wagner, L.E., Tatarko, J., and Todd, T. 2013. Evaluation of bulk density and vegetation as affected by military vehicle traffic at Fort Riley, Kansas. Transactions of the ASABE. 56(2):653-665.

Reprint Icon Hagen, L.J., Van Pelt, S., Zobeck, T.M., and Retta, A.  2007.  Dust deposition near an eroding source field.  Earth Surfaces Processess Landforms.  32:281-289. 

Reprint Icon Armbrust, D.V. and A. Retta.  2002.  Wind and sandblast damage to growing vegetation.   Annals of Arid Zone. 39(3): 273-284.

Reprint Icon Retta, A., Armbrust, D.V., Hagen, L.J., and Skidmore, E.L.  2000.  Leaf and stem area relationships to  masses and their height distributions in native grasses.  Agronomy Journal.  92:225-230.

Reprint Icon Retta, A., D.V. Armbrust and L.J. Hagen.  1996.  Partitioning biomass in the crop submodel of WEPS (Wind Erosion Prediction System). Trans. ASABE. 39(1):145-151.

Reprint Icon Retta, A., D.V. Armbrust.  1995.  Estimation of Leaf and Stem Area in the Wind Erosion Prediction System (WEPS).  Agronomy Journal. 87(1):93-98.

Last Modified: 9/2/2016
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