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2016 Publications

Jondiko, T. O., Yang, L., Hays, D. B., Ibrahim, A., Tilley, M. and Awika, J. M.  2016.  Prediction of tortilla quality using multivariate modeling of kernel, flour and dough properties.  Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies.  34(2016):9-15.

Tilley, M., Evert, S., Staggenborg, S. and Olson, B.  2016.  Separation of teff (Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter) prolamins by free-zone capillary electrophoresis.  J. Agric. and Food Chem.  (Submitted).


Tilley, M., Pierucci, V. and Tilley, K.A.  2016.  Description of a wheat endosperm peroxidase with potential to catalyze dityrosine formation during dough processing.  J. Agric. and Food Chem. (Submitted).


Tuncil, Y. E., Jondiko, T., Tilley, M., Hays, D. B. and Awika, J. M.  2016.  Combination of null alleles with 7+9 allelic pair at Glu-B1 locus on the long arm of group 1 chromosome improves wheat dough functionality for tortillas.  LWT - Food Sci. Tech.  65:683-688 (9/15)


Xin, Z., Chen, J., Bean, S. R., Blackwell, D. L. and Tilley, M.  2016.  Rapid and high throughput phytate assay from crude extract of individual sorghum seeds. Cereal Chem. (Submitted)

2015 Publications


2014 Publications

Cremer, J. E., Bean, S. R., Tilley, M., Ioerger, B., Ohm, J., Kaufman, R., Wilson, Jeff, D., Innes, D. J., Gilding, E. K. and Godwin, I. D.  2014.  Grain sorghum proteomics: Integrated approach toward characterization of endosperm storage proteins in kafirin allelic variants.  J Agric. Food Chem.  62:9819-9831. (9/14)


Cremer, J. E., Liu, L., Bean, S. R., Ohm, J. B., Tilley, M., Wilson, J. D., Kaufman, R., Vu, T. H., Gilding, E. K., Godwin, I. and Wang, D.  2014.  Impacts of Kafirin Allelic Diversity, Starch Content, and Protein Digestibility on Ethanol Conversion Efficiency in Grain Sorghum. Cereal Chem. 91(3):218-227. 


Zhang, P., Jondiko, T. O., Tilley, M. and Awika, J. M.  2014. Effect of high molecular weight glutenin subunit composition in common wheat on dough properties and steamed bread quality. J. Sci. Food Agric. 94:2801-2806. DOI: 10.1002/jsfa.6635

2013 Publications

Tilley, M., Miller, R.A., Chen, Y.R. 2013. Wheat breeding and quality evaluation in the U.S. In Cauvain, S. editor. Breadmaking: Improving Quality. 2nd edition. BakeTran, UK: Woodhead Publishing Limited Book. Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition No. 229. p. 216-236.


2012 Publications

Herald, T. J., Gadgil, P and Tilley, M. 2012. High-throughput micro plate assays for screening flavonoid content and DPPH-scavenging activity in sorghum bran and flour. J Agric Food Chem. 92:2326-2331.


Jondiko, T. O., Alviola, N. J., Hays, D. B., Ibrahim, A. M., Tilley, M. and Awika, J. M. 2012. Effect of high-molecular-weight glutenin subunit allelic composition on wheat flour tortilla quality. Cereal Chem. 89(3):155-161.


Kumar, T., Dweikat, I., Sato, S., Ge, Z., Neresian, N., Chen, H., Elthon, T., Bean, S. R., Ioerger, B. P., Tilley, M. and Clemente, T. 2012. Modulation of kernel storage proteins in grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench). Plant Biotech J. 10(5):533-544.


Seabourn, B. W., Xiao, S., Tilley, M., Herald, T. J. and Park, S. 2012. A rapid, small-scale sedimentation method to predict breadmaking quality of hard winter wheat. Crop Sci. 52(3):1306-1315.


2011 Publications

Li, N., Wang, Y., Tilley, M., Bean, S. R., Wu, X., Sun, X. and Wang, D. 2011. Adhesive performance of sorghum protein extracted from sorghum DDGS and flour. J. Env. Polymers.  19:755-765.


Li, Z., Tang, X., Huang, W., Liu, J. G., Tilley, M. and Yao, Y.  2011.  Rheology, microstructure and baking characteristics of frozen dough containing Rhizopus chinensis lipase and transglutaminase. Cereal Chem. 88(6):596-601.


Schober, T. J., Bean, S. R., Tilley, M., Smith, B. M. and Ioerger, B. P. 2011. Impact of different isolation procedures on the functionality of zein and kafirin. J. Cereal Sci. 54(2):241-249.


 Wang, F., Huang, W., Kim, Y., Liu, R. and Tilley, M.  2011. Effects of transglutaminase on the rheological and noodle-making characteristics of oat dough containing vital wheat gluten or egg albumin.  J. Cereal Sci. 54:53-59.


2010 Publications


Barros, F., Alviola, J. N., Tilley, M., Chen, Y. R., Pierucci, V. R. and Rooney, L. W.  2010. Predicting hot-press wheat tortilla quality using flour, dough and gluten properties.  J. Cereal Sci. 52:288-294.


Jonnala, R. S., MacRitchie, F., Herald, T.J., Lafiandra, D., Margiotta, B. and Tilley, M.2010. Protein and quality characterization of triticale translocation lines in breadmaking. Cereal Chem. 87(6):546-552.


Jonnala, R. S., MacRitchie, F., Smail, V. W., Seabourn, B. W., Tilley, M., Lafiandra, D., Urbano, M. 2010. Protein and quality characterization of complete and partial near-isogenic lines of waxy wheat.  Cereal Chem. 87(6):538-545.


Pontieri, P., Di Maro, A., Tamburino, R., De Stefano, M., Tilley, M., Bean, S. R., Roemer, E., De Vita, P., Alifano, P., Del Giudice, L. and Massardo, D. R. 2010. Chemical composition of selected food-grade sorghum varieties grown under typical Mediterranean conditions. Maydica 55:139-143.


Smith, B. M., Bean, S. R., Schober, T. J., Tilley, M., Herald, T. J. and Aramouni, F.  2010.  Composition and molecular weight distribution of carob germ protein fractions.  J. Agric. Food Chem. 58:7794-7800.


Wang, F., Wan, J., Huang, W. and Tilley, M.  2010. Effects of transglutaminase on the rheological and Mixolab thermomechanical characteristics of oat dough.  Food Chem. 121(4):934-939.


2009 Publications


Kaufman, R. C., Tilley, M., Bean, S. R. and Tuinstra, M. 2009. Improved characterization of sorghum tannins using size exclusion chromatography.  Cereal Chem.  86(4):369-371.


Mondal, S., Hays, D. B., Alviola, N. J., Mason, R. E., Tilley, M., Waniska, R.D., Bean, S. R., Glover, K. D.  2009. Functionality of gliadin proteins in wheat flour tortillas. J of Agric. Food Chem.  57:1600-1605.


Pierucci, V. R. M., Tilley, M., Graybosch, R. A., Blechl, A. E., Bean, S. R., Tilley, K. A.  2009. Effects of over-expression of high molecular weight glutenin subunit 1Dy10 on wheat tortilla properties.  J of Agric. Food Chem.  57:6318-6326.


Wang, Y., Tilley, M., Bean, S. R., Sun, X. and Wang, D.  2009.  Comparison of methods for extracting kafirin proteins from sorghum distillers dried grains with solubles.  J. Agric. Food Chem.  57(18):8366-8372.


2008 Publications


Gajula, H., Shaowei, L., Alavi, S., Herald, T., Tilley, M., Bean, S. R., and Madl, R. 2008. Pre-cooked fiber-enriched wheat flour obtained by extrusion: Rheological and functional properties. Int. J. Food Properties.  12:27-44.


Huang, W., Yu, S., Zou, Q. and Tilley, M.  2008.  Effect of frying conditions and yeast fermentation on the acrylamide content in you-tiao, a traditional Chinese fried twisted dough-roll.  Food Res Int. 41:918-923.


Mondal, S., Tilley, M., Alviola, J. N., Waniska, R. D., Bean, S. R., Glover, K. D., Hays, D. B.  2008.  Use of near-isogenic wheat lines to determine glutenin composition and functionality in flour.  J. Agric. Food Chem. 56:179-184.


2007 Publications


Mondal, S., Tilley, M., Alviola, J. N., Waniska, R. D., Bean, S. R., Glover, K. D., Hays, D. B.  2007.  Use of near-isogenic wheat lines to determine glutenin composition and functionality in flour.  J. Agric. Food Chem. 56:179-184.


2006 Publications

Akdogan, H., Tilley, M. and Chung, O. K. 2006. Effect of emulsifiers on textural properties of whole wheat tortillas during storage. Cereal Chem. 83(6):632-635.

Tilley, M., Bean, S. R. and Tilley, K. A.  2006. Capillary electrophoresis for monitoring dityrosine and 3-bromotyrosine synthesis.  J Chromat A. 1103:368-371.

Tilley, M., Pierucci, V., Tilley, K. A. and Chung, O. K. 2006. Effects of processing on wheat tortilla quality: Benefits of hard winter wheat. J. Food Sci. 27(11):152-158. J. Food Sci.

2005 Publications


Pedersen, J. F., Bean, S. R., Graybosch, R. A., Park, S. H. and Tilley, M.  2005. Characterization of waxy grain sorghum lines in relation to granule-bound starch synthase. Euphytica. 144:151-156.


2004 Publications


Tilley, M. 2004. PCR amplification of wheat sequences from DNA extracted during milling and baking. Cereal Chem. 81(1):44-47.


Tilley, M., Benjamin, R. E., Srivarin, P. and Tilley, K. A.  2004. Nonenzymatic preparative-scale synthesis of dityrosine and 3-bromotyrosine. Analytical Biochem. 334:193-195.


2003 Publications


Bean S. and Tilley, M.  2003. Separation of water soluble proteins from cereals by free zone capillary electrophoresis (FZCE). Cereal Chem. 80:505-515.


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