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Bean Publications
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2015 Publications


Bean, S. and Ioerger, B. P.  2015. Sorghum and millet proteins.  In: Ustunol, Z., editor.  Applied Food and Protein Chemistry.  Wiley Blackwell.  Book Chapter.  323-359. (1/15)


Bean, S., Wilson, J. D., Moreau, R. A., Galant, A. L., Awika, J. M., Kaufman, R. C., Adrianos, S. L. and Ioerger, B. P.  2015.  Structure and Composition of the Grain.  Sorghum:  State of the Art and Future Perspectives.  American Society of Agronomy and the Crop Science Society of America.  Book Chapter. (Accepted)


Dunn, K. L., Yang, L., Girard, A., Bean, S. and Awika, J.  2015.  Interaction of sorghum tannins with wheat proteins and effects on in vitro starch digestibility in wheat flour tortillas. J. Agric. Food Chem.  63(4):1234-1241. (1/15)


Jonnala, R. S., MacRitchie, F., Bean, S., Lafiandra, D. and Margiotta, B.2015.Protein and quality characterization of Pegaso wheat near-isogenic lines.J. Cereal Sci.(Submitted).


Kaufman, R. C., Wilson, J. D., Bean, S., Herald, T. J. and Shi, Y. C. 2015. Development of a 96-well plate iodine binding assay for amylose content determination. Carb. Polymers. 115:444-447.


Klein, R. R., Miller, F. R., Bean, S. and Klein, P. E.  2015.  Registration of 40 converted germplasm from the reinstated sorghum conversion program.  J. Plant. Reg.  (Submitted)


Perumal, R., Tesso, T., Kofoid, K. D., Aiken, R. M., Vara, P. V., Bean, S., Wilson, J. D., Herald, T. J. and Little, C. R.  2015. Registration of nine sorghum seed parent (A/B) lines.  J. Plant Reg. 9:244-248. (4/15)


Smith, B., Bean, S., Selling, G. W., Sessa, D. J. and Aramouni, F.  2015.  Implications of non-covalent interactions in zein-starch dough and bread quality.  LWT - Food Sci Tech. (Submitted)


Xin, Z., Chen, J., Bean, S., Blackwell, D. L. and Tilley, M.  2015. Rapid and high throughput phytate assay from crude extract of individual sorghum seeds.  Cereal Chem.  (Submitted)


2014 Publications


Cremer, J. E., Bean, S., Tilley, M., Ioerger, B., Ohm, J., Kaufman, R., Wilson, Jeff, D., Innes, D. J., Gilding, E. K. and Godwin, I. D.  2014.  Grain sorghum proteomics: Integrated approach toward characterization of endosperm storage proteins in kafirin allelic variants.  J Agric. Food Chem.  62:9819-9831.


Cremer, J. E., Liu, L., Bean, S., Ohm, J. B., Tilley, M., Wilson, J. D., Kaufman, R., Vu, T. H., Gilding, E. K., Godwin, I. and Wang, D.  2014.  Impacts of Kafirin Allelic Diversity, Starch Content, and Protein Digestibility on Ethanol Conversion Efficiency in Grain Sorghum. Cereal Chem. 91(3):218-227. 


Herald, T. J., Gadgil, P., Perumal, R., Bean, S. and Wilson, J. D.  2014.  High-throughput micro-plate HCl-vanillin assay for screening tannin content in sorghum grain. J. Sci. Food Agric.  94:2133-2136.  DOI 10.1002/jsfa.6538.

Li, N., Qi, G., Sun, X. S., Wang, D., Bean, S. and Blackwell, D. 2014.  Isolation and characterization of camelina protein fractions from camelina meal.  Trans. ASABE. 57(1):169-178.


Pontieri, P., Di Fiore, R., Troisi, J., Di Maro, A., Bean, S., Tunistra, M. R., Roemer, E., Boffa, A., Del Giudice, A., Pizzolante, G., Alifano, P. and Del Giudice, L.  2014. Mineral content in grains of seven food-grade sorghum hybrids grown in Mediterranean environment. Australian J Crop Sci. 8:1550-1559. (11/14)


Smith, B. M., Bean, S., Selling, G. W., Sessa, D. J. and Aramouni, F. M.  2014.  Role of non-covalent interactions in the production of visco-elastic material from zein.  Food Chem. 147:230-238.



2013 Publications


Jampala, B., Rooney, W. L., Peterson, G. C., Bean, S. and Hays, D. B.  2013.  Estimating the relative effects of the endosperm traits of waxy and high protein digestibility on yield in grain sorghum. Field Crops Res.  139:57-62.


Kaufman, R. C., Herald, T. J., Bean, S., Wilson, J. D. and Tuinstra, M. R. 2013. Variability in tannin content, chemist and activity in a diverse group of tannin containing sorghum cultivars. J. Agric. Food Chem. 93:1233-1241.


Kaufman, R. C., Wilson, J. D., Bean, S., Presley, D. R., Blanco-Canqui, H. and Mikha, M. M. The effect of nitrogen fertilization and cover cropping systems on sorghum grain characteristics.  J. Agric. Food Chem. 61:5715-5719.


Kapanigowda, M., Perumal, R., Aiken, R., Herald, T. J., Bean, S. and Little, C. R. 2013. Analyses of sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] lines and hybrids in response to early-season planting and cool conditions.  Canadian J. Plant Sci. 93:773-784.


Mkandawire, N. L., Kaufman, R. C., Bean, S., Weller, C. L., Jackson, D. S. and Rose, D.  2013.  Effects of sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor (L.) Moench) tannins on alpha-amylase activity in vitro digestibility of starch in raw and processed flours.  J. Agric. Food Chem. 61:4448-4454.


Pearson, T., Wicklow, D., Bean, S. and Brabec, D.  2013.  Sorting of fungal-damaged white sorghum.  Am. J. Agric. Sci. Tech. 1(3):93-103.


Selling, G. W., Maness, A. N., Bean, S.and Smith, B. M.  2013.  Impact of thiocyanate salts on zein properties.  Cereal Chem.  90(3):204-210.


2012 Publications


Bean, S., Ioerger, B. P., Smith, B. M. and Blackwell, D. L.  2012.  Sorghum protein structure and chemistry.  In: Awika, J., Piironen, V. and Bean, S. R. editors.  Advances in Cereal Science:  Implications to Food Processing and Health Promotion (ACS Symposium). 2nd edition.  Washington, D. C.: American Chemical Society. p. 131-148.


Blackwell, D. L. and Bean, S. 2012.  Separation of alcohol soluble sorghum proteins using non-porous cation-exchange columns.  J. Chrom. A. 1230:48-53.


Blackwell, D. L., Herald, T. J., Bean, S. and Gadgil, P. 2012. Alkaline extraction of phenolic compounds from intact sorghum kernels. Inter. J. Food Sci. Tech. 47:2671-2675.


Kaufman, R. C., Herald, T. J., Bean, S., Wilson, J. D. and Tuinstra, M. R. 2012. Variability in tannin content, chemist and activity in a diverse group of tannin containing sorghum cultivars. J. Sci. Food Agric. 93:1233-1241.


Kumar, T., Dweikat, I., Sato, S., Ge, Z., Neresian, N., Chen, H., Elthon, T., Bean, S., Ioerger, B. P., Tilley, M. and Clemente, T. 2012. Modulation of kernel storage proteins in grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench). Plant Biotech J. 10(5):533-544.

Liu, L., Herald, T. J., Wang, D., Wilson, J. D., Bean, S. and Aramouni, F. 2012. Characterization of sorghum grain and evaluation of sorghum flour in a Chinese egg noodle system. J. Cereal Sci. 55(1): 31-36.

Pontieri, P., De Vita, P., Boffa, A., Tuinstra, M. R., Bean, S., Krishnamoorthy, G., Miller, C., Roemer, E., Alifano, P., Pignone, D., Massardo, D. R., Del Giudice, L.  2012.  Yield and morpho-agronomical evaluation of food-grade white sorghum hybrids grown in Southern Italy.  J. Plant Inter. 7(4):1-7.


Smith, B. M., Bean, S., Herald, T. J. and Aramouni, F. 2012. Effect of HPMC on the quality of wheat-free bread made from carob germ flour-starch mixtures. J Food Sci. 77(6):C684-689.


Sukumaran, S., Xiang, W., Bean, S., Pedersen, J.F., Tuinstra, M.R., Tesso, T.T., Hamblin, M.T. and Yu, J. 2012. Association mapping for grain quality in a diverse sorghum collection. The Plant Genome. 5:126-135.


Wu, Y., Li, X., Xiang, W., Zhu, C., Lin, Z., Wu, Y., Li, J., Pandravada, S., Ridder, D., Bai, G., Wang, M. L., Trick, H., Bean, S., Tuinstra, M., Tesso, T., Yu, J.  2012. Presence of tannins in sorghum grains is conditioned by different natural alleles of Tan1. Proc. Natl. Academy Sci. doi:10.1073/pnas.1201700109/-/DCSupplemental.


Yan, S., Wu, X., Faubion, J., Bean, S., Cai, L., Shi, Y., Sun, X., Wang, D. 2012. Ethanol-production performance of ozone-treated tannin grain sorghum flour. Cereal Chem. 89(1):30-37.


2011 Publications


Bean, S., Ioerger, B. P. and Blackwell, D. L. 2011. Separation of kafirins on surface porous RP-HPLC columns. J. Agric. Food Chem. 59:85-91.


Bean, S., Ioerger, B. P., Smith, B. M. and Blackwell, D. L. 2011. Sorghum protein structure and chemistry: Implications for nutrition and functionality. In: Advances in Cereal Science: Implications to Food Processing and Health. p. 131-148.


Hojillaevangelist, M. I. and Bean, S. 2011. Evaluation of sorghum flour as extender in plywood adhesives for sprayline coaters or foam extrusion. Ind. Crops Prod. 34(1):1168-1172.


Li, N., Wang, Y., Tilley, M., Bean, S., Wu, X., Sun, X. and Wang, D. 2011. Adhesive performance of sorghum protein extracted from sorghum DDGS and flour. J. Env. Polymers.  19:755-765.

Schober, T. J., Bean, S., Tilley, M., Smith, B. M. and Ioerger, B. P. 2011. Impact of different isolation procedures on the functionality of zein and kafirin. J. Cereal Sci. 54(2):241-249.


Yan, S., Wu, X., Bean, S., Pedersen, J. F., Tesso, T., Chen, R. and Wang, D.  2011. Evaluation of waxy grain sorghum for ethanol production.  Cereal Chem. 88(6):589-595.

2010 Publications


deMesa-Stonestreet, N. J., Alavi, S. and Bean, S.  2010. Sorghum proteins: The concentration, isolation, modification, and food applications of kafirins. Soc. Food Sci. Tech. 75(5):R90-R104.


Johnson, W. B., Ratnayake, W. S., Jackson, D. S., Lee, K., Herrman, T. J., Bean, S. and Mason, S. C.  2010. Factors Affecting the Alkaline Cooking Performance of Selected Corn and Sorghum Hybrids. Cereal Chem.  87(6):524-531.


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Schober, T. J., Moreau, R. A., Bean, S. and Boyle, D. L.2010. Removal of surface lipids improves the functionality of commercial zein in viscoelastic zein-starch dough for gluten-free breadmaking.J. Cereal Sci. 52(3):417-425.


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Yan, S., Wu, X., Dahlberg, J., Bean, S., MacRitchie, F., Wilson, J. D. and Wang, D.  2010. Properties of field-sprouted sorghum and its performance in ethanol production.  J. Cereal Sci.  51(3):374-380.



2009 Publications


Corredor, D. Salazar, J. M., Hohn, K., Bean, S., Bean, B., and Wang, D. 2009. Evaluation and characterization of forage sorghum as feedstock for fermentable sugar production. Applied Biochem. Biotech. 158(1):164-179.


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2008 Publications


Dowell, F. E., Maghirang, E. B., Pierce, R. O., Lookhart, G. L., Bean, S., Xie, F., Caley, M. S., Wilson, J. D., Seabourn, B. W., Ram, M. S., Park, S. H., and Chung, O. K. 2008. Relationship of bread quality to kernel, flour, and dough properties. Cereal Chem. 85:82-91.


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2007 Publications


Ciacci, C., Maiuri, L., Caporaso, N., Bucci, C., Del Giudice, L., Massardo, D.R., Pontieri, P., Fonzo, N.D., Bean, S., Ioerger, B.P. and Londei, M.  2007.  Celiac disease:  In vitro and in vivo safety and tolerability of wheat-free sorghum food products.  Clinical Nutrition 26:799-805.


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2006 Publications


Bean, S., Chung, O. K., Tuinstra, M. R., Pedersen, J. F. and Erpelding, J.  2006.  Evaluation of the single kernel characterization system (SKCS) for measurement of sorghum grain attributes. Cereal Chem. 83(1):108-113.


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2005 Publications


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2004 Publications


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2003 Publications


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2002 Publications


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