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Amy Hudson

Research Ecologist

Dr. Amy Hudson
Research Ecologist

ATTN: Amy Hudson
1515 College Ave.
Manhattan, KS 66502
Telephone: 785.802.8344


B.S., Mathematics, University of Maryland

M.S., Environmental Science and Technology, University of Maryland

Ph.D., Natural Resources, University of Arizona


Dr. Amy Hudson’s expertise in climate ecology is applied to predicting arthropod-borne livestock disease spread, by identifying the role of the environment on virus-vector-host interactions. Arboviruses of interest span the globe and include bluetongue virus, epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus, and vesicular stomatitis virus. Some of her recent work has included climate change impacts on dryland agroecosystems by leveraging long-term ecological research, and the influence of oceanic and atmospheric circulations on plant growth and insect dispersal across the continent.

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      Hudson, A.R., Mcgregor, B.L., Shults, P.T., England, M., Silbernegal, C., Mayo, C., Carpenter, M., Sherman, T., Cohnstaedt, L.W. 2023. Orbivirus epidemiology in a changing climate. Journal of Medical Entomology. 60(6):1221-1229.