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John E Stout

Research Physical Scientist


John Stout, PhD

Physical Scientist

Wind Erosion and Water Conservation


3810 4thStreet, Lubbock, TX 79415

Office: 806-723-5239             

Fax: 806-723-5272

John E. Stout is a Physical Scientist in the Wind Erosion and Water Conservation (WEWC) Research Unit, located in Lubbock, Texas. Stout conducts research focused on basic physical processes that govern agricultural problems such as wind erosion, dust emissions, regional air quality, groundwater quality, and Ogallala Aquifer depletion. The goal is to provide a solid scientific basis to aid in the development of wind erosion mitigation strategies and contribute to water conservation strategies. Stout’s research objectives include: 1) determine the connection between the frequency of wind erosion and the critical threshold of a surface; 2) develop mathematical relationships that describe the natural intermittency of wind erosion processes; 3) obtain long-term dust records of ambient dust levels and relate changes to evolving land-use practices; 4) define the relationship between environmental conditions and regional dust levels; 5) investigate problems associated with the depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer and changes in water quality as groundwater resources are exploited in the Southern High Plains. Research methodologies include physical and numerical experiments on fundamental processes and the incorporation of new mathematical and experimental techniques.

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