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Photos of the Rolling Plains of Texas and Oklahoma
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Photos of the Rolling Plains of Texas and Oklahoma

John E. Stout, USDA-ARS, Lubbock, Texas

The Rolling Plains are located to the east of the high plains of the Llano Estacado of North America.  This sparsely populated region is home to numerous cattle ranches where tributaries of the Red, Brazos and Colorado rivers wind their way through the red clay of the region.

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/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_60_small.jpg Palo Duro Canyon (30 May 2024)
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_58_small.JPG Isolated butte in the valley of the Double Mountain Fork Brazos River, Garza County, TX (December 21, 2023)
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_55_small.JPG Salt Fork Brazos River at the FM 1263 crossing (September 18, 2023)
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_54_small.jpg Cowhead Mesa in Garza County, Texas (February 24, 2023)
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_52_small.jpg Upper Colorado River at FM 2835 crossing (December 6, 2022)
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_51_small.jpg Salt Fork Brazos River at FM1835 crossing, Stonewall County, Texas (June 17, 2022)
 /ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_49_small.jpg Willow Valley Road crossing of the upper Colorado River south of Gail in Borden County, Texas (May 7, 2022)
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_48_small.jpg Distant mesa in the upper Brazos watershed of Garza County, Texas (January 13, 2010)
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_47_small.jpg Croton Breaks to the east of Dickens, Texas (February 16, 2022)
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_46_small.jpg A clear, spring-fed lake at Artesian Beach Park in Gage, Oklahoma (March 21, 2015)
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_45_small.jpg Isolated butte at the headwaters of the Double Mountain Fork Brazos River (December 29, 2021)
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_42_small.jpg Salty valley of the Little Red River as seen from Texas State Highway 70 north of Turkey, Texas (10 August 2015).
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_44_small.jpg BNSF tracks climbing the Caprock escarpment near the ghost town of Buenos, Texas (8 October 2012).
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_43_small.jpg Colorado River about 7 miles from its source along the eastern edge of the Llano Estacado as seen from FM 1054 north of Vealmoor, Texas (26 January 2011).
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_41_small.jpg Yellow House Canyon near Slaton, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_39_small.jpg Double Mountain Fork Brazos River on Macy Ranch
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_32_small.jpg Railroad crossing of the Double Mountain Fork Brazos River near Justiceburg, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_00_small.jpg Storm above Ransom Canyon, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_23_small.jpg Double Mountain Fork Brazos River in Garza County, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_37_small.jpg Soldier Mound near Spur, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_34_small.jpg Fire department in Rule, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_24_small.JPG Salt Fork Brazos at FM1835 crossing, Stonewall County, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_13_small.jpg  Brazos near Brannon Bridge, an old steel truss bridge in North Central Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_25_small.jpg Collapsed truss bridge that once crossed the Salt Fork Brazos River
 /ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_01_small.jpg Upper Washita River in Hemphill County, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_02_small.jpg Canadian Breaks, Potter County, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_03_small.jpg Double Mountain Fork Brazos River at the FM 669 crossing, Garza County, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_04_small.jpg Blanco Canyon in Crosby County, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_31_small.JPG Double Mountain Fork Brazos River near Rule, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_05_small.jpg Mural on a tank in Truscott, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_59_small.jpg Double Mountain Fork near its headwaters on the Macy Ranch (December 21, 2023)
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_06_small.jpg Abandoned school in the ghost town of Whiteflat, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_07_small.jpg Salt Fork Brazos River at US 380 crossing
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_08_small.jpg Sterling Grocery and Hardware in Ira, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_09_small.jpg Little Red River at Texas State Highway 70 crossing
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_10_small.jpg Quitaque Creek at Texas State Highway 70 in Motley County, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_12_small.jpg Off the Caprock to the east of Crosbyton, Texas.
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_29_small.jpg View from the Caprock Escarpment above Cowhead Mesa
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_14_small.jpg Salt foam covering the shore at Truscott Brine Lake, Knox County, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_28_small.JPG Mushaway Peak in Borden County, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_26_small.JPG North Croton Creek, south of Guthrie, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_20_small.jpg North Pease River in Cottle County, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_15_small.jpg Cemetery in Red Mud, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_16_small.jpg Rolling country north of Benjamin, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_17_small.jpg South Wichita River north of Benjamin, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_19_small.jpg Valley of Duck Creek, Kent County, Texas
 /ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_18_small.jpg Double Mountain Fork Brazos River on the U Lazy S Ranch
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_21_small.jpg Middle Pease River at FM 94 crossing, Motley County, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_22_small.jpg Salt Fork Brazos River near Jayton, Texas
 /ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_27_small.jpg  Duffy's Peak, a small butte near the Salt Fork Brazos River in Garza County, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_30_small.jpg Mount Blanco in Blanco Canyon, Crosby County, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_33_small.jpg Truss bridge across Duck Creek west of Jayton, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_36_small.jpg South Wichita east of Guthrie, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_40_small.jpg Pony truss bridge at Canyon Valley, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_35_small.jpg Middle Pease River at US62/83 crossing, Cottle County, Texas
/ARSUserFiles/30960515/RP Pics/RP_56_small.jpg Double Mountains in Stonewall County, Texas

Photos are public domain images provided by an employee of the USDA-Agricultural Research Service. If you use any of these photos in a publication, on a web site, or as part of any other project, please credit the USDA-Agricultural Research Service.  These photos may not be used to infer or imply ARS endorsement of any product, company, or position.