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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Robert A Graybosch (Bob)

Research Leader


Research Objectives


   To determine whether increased expression of HMW (high-molecular weight) glutenin genes in wheat endosperm can result in improved baking quality of hard winter wheat, and if such approaches can confer greater environmental stability of quality, and to determine if there are any negative effects of transgenic expression on agronomic properties.

   To develop and characterize adapted waxy (amylase-free) and partial waxy wheats, and to exploit the waxy gene system to produce novel wheat starches.

   To identify and characterize new sources of resistance to preharvest sprouting, and sources of low or nil grain polyphenol oxidase.

   To coordinate the Hard Winter Wheat Improvement Program and supervise the Hard Winter Wheat Regional Performance Nursery Program.



Current Research Projects


Develop waxy wheat germplasm

and markets

Transgenic wheat over-expressing native glutenin proteins


Hard white wheats with improved tolerance to pre-harvest sprouting

Develop germplasm & cultivars resistant to WSMV


Develop common wheats with nil grain polyphenol oxidase

Inheritance studies & GBSS expression in waxy proso millet


Identify advanced breeding lines carrying genes from rye

Assist in development of waxy proso for Nebraska

Last Modified: 8/12/2016
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