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Juice Study
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Juice Study


Why are we doing this Study?

People do not eat enough vegetables for health, and it is very difficult to measure how much people are eating. Carotenoids are the brightly-colored pigments in many vegetables and fruits, such as carrots and tomatoes. We can measure carotenoids in the skin of the hand, and are doing this study to see how much juice people have to drink before we can measure a difference in their skin.

Who is eligible for this Study?

What is required of me for this study?

Will I get compensated for my time?

You may be compensated as much as $325 or you can choose a Choice Health and Fitness membership (8 month individual or 6-month family)

Important Information for Non-US Citizens

Please be aware, compensation is offered for study participation. If you are not a United States citizen, you should check your documentation to make sure you can receive money from a non-University source without jeopardizing your status in the United States.

Who can I contact about this study?

If you have more questions please call 701-795-8385 or

Applications are also available online at: