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Dustin Ray Wiggans

Biological Science Technician (Plants)

Dustin Wiggans Dustin Wiggans
Biological Science Technician (Plants)


Water Management Research Unit
2150 Centre Avenue, Bldg D, Suite 320
Fort Collins, CO 80526

PHONE: (970) 492-7427
FAX: (970) 492-7408


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M.S. Crop Production and Physiology 2010 Iowa State University
B.S. Agronomy 2007 Iowa State University


Work and Tasks:


Having grown up around farming in southeastern Kansas, I have come to understand there must be a balance in utilizing our land for food production while maintaining the sustainability of our natural resources (specifically water). I hope to further develop an understanding of this balance by conducting physiological and agronomic research in limited irrigation environments in order to facilitate the increased demand on crops for food, fiber, and fuel.

Furthermore, my work as a Bio Sci Tech focuses on sap flow measurements utilizing the heat pulse method to quantify the effects of drought stress on xylem transport and overall plant transpiration. Other duties include assisting in farm operations, irrigation preparation, laboratory and greenhouse coordination, and WMR Unit inventory.

The most rewarding aspect of my position is mentoring and guiding our ever changing flock of students and temporary employees to ensure that all research is conducted efficiently, effectively, and correctly.

So others may live...





D.R. Wiggans, J.W. Singer, K.J. Moore, and K.R. Lamkey. 2012. Response of Continuous Maize with Stover Removal to Living Mulches. Agron. J. 104:917-925

D.R. Wiggans, J.W. Singer, K.J. Moore, and K.R. Lamkey. 2012. Maize water use in living mulch systems with stover removal. Crop Sci. 52:327-338

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