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Sugarbeet Table of Fort Collins Germplasm Releases
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Type of Germplasm Year Rel. NSSL Code PI No. Crop Sci. Reg. No. Citation Code Description
Parent Lines1988 518779PL 27CS 28:1041-1042AD-1MM, Hsugar, SS
Parent Lines1988 518780PL 28CS 28:1041-1042AD-2MM, LS, Hsugar, SS
Parent Lines1988 518781PL 29CS 28:1041-1042AD-3MM, SF, Hsugar
Parent Lines1991 558513PL 30CS 32:1299FC401mm, LS, Rhizoc, O-type, SF, Rr
Parent Lines1991   CS 32:1299FC401cmsmm, LS, Rhizoc, cms, Rr
Parent Lines1991 558514PL 31CS 32:1299FC402mm, LS, O-type, SF, Rr
Parent Lines1991   CS 32:1299FC402cmsmm, LS, cms, Rr
Parent Lines1991 558515PL 32CS 32:1299FC403mm, Aphan, Rhizoc, O-type, SF
Parent Lines1991   CS 32:1299FC403cmsmm, Aphan, Rhizoc, cms
Germplasm1961   SBR 1961:9FC501mm, LS, O-type, rr
Germplasm1963W6 17122  SBR 1963:11FC502mm, LS, O-type, rr
Germplasm1963   SBR 1963:11FC502cmsmm, LS, cms, rr
Germplasm1963W6 17123  SBR 1963:11FC503mm, LS, O-type, RR
Germplasm1963W6 17124  SBR 1963:12FC503cmsmm, LS, cms, RR
Germplasm1965W6 17125  SBR 1965:9FC505mm, LS, O-type, rr
Germplasm1965W6 17126  SBR 1965:10FC505cmsmm, LS, cms, rr
Germplasm1965W6 17127   FC601
Germplasm1965W6 17131   FC601/1
Germplasm1965W6 17128   FC601cms
Germplasm1966W6 17132  SBR 1966:9FC601/2mm, CT, LS, Aa, O-type, Rr
Germplasm1966W6 17133  SBR 1966:10FC601/2cmsmm, CT, LS, cms, Rr
Germplasm1968W6 17129  SBR 1968:A4FC602mm, CT, LS, O-type, rr
Germplasm1968W6 17130  SBR 1968:A4FC602cmsmm, CT, LS, cms, rr
Germplasm196898270590661GP 1CS 12:400FC701MM, Rhizoc, SS, RR
Germplasm1968W6 17136  SBR 1968:A3FC701/2MM, Rhizoc, SS, RR
Germplasm196898271590662GP 2CS 12:400FC702MM, Rhizoc, SS, Rr
Germplasm1968   SBR 1968:A3FC702/2MM, Rhizoc, SS, Rr
Germplasm1969W6 17142  SBR 1969:A4FC903MM, CT, LS, NB
Germplasm1971W6 17134   FC603mm, CT, LS, O-type, SF, rr
Germplasm1971W6 17135   FC603cmsmm, CT, LS, cms, rr
Germplasm1971W6 17140   FC801MM, CT, LS, Rhizoc, RR
Germplasm1973W6 17139   FC703/1MM, Rhizoc, pseudo SF, rr
Germplasm1974W6 17137   FC701/5MM, Rhizoc, pseudo SF, RR
Germplasm1974W6 17138   FC702/5MM, Rhizoc, pseudo SF, Rr
Germplasm1975W6 17121   FC101MM, St Rot
Germplasm1975W6 17117   FC102MM, LS, St Rot
Germplasm1975    FC103MM, St Rot, St Resp
Germplasm1975W6 17118   FC104MM, St Rot, St Resp
Germplasm1975W6 17119   FC105MM, St Rot, St Resp, SS
Germplasm1975W6 17120   FC106Mm, St Rot
Germplasm1975    FC107mm, St Rot
Germplasm197698272590663GP 11CS 17:678FC701/4MM, Rhizoc, SS, rr
Germplasm197698273590664GP 12CS 17:678FC701/4(4x)MM, Rhizoc, 4n, SS
Germplasm197698265590656GP 13CS 17:678FC703MM, Rhizoc, SS, Rr
Germplasm197698266590657GP 14CS 17:678FC703(4x)MM, Rhizoc, 4n, SS
Germplasm197898164590819GP 44CS 19:131FC502/2mm, LS, O-type, rr
Germplasm197898163590820GP 45CS 19:131FC502/2cmsmm, LS, O-type, rr
Germplasm197898169590823GP 42CS 19:131FC504mm, LS, O-type, rr
Germplasm197898170590824GP 43CS 19:131FC504cmsmm, LS, cms, rr
Germplasm1978 558505GP 46CS 19:131FC506mm, LS, O-type, rr
Germplasm197898166 GP 47CS 19:131FC506cmsmm, LS, cms, rr
Germplasm1978 558506GP 48CS 19:131-132FC604mm, CT, LS, O-type
Germplasm1978 558507GP 49CS 19:131-132FC604cmsmm, CT, LS, cms
Germplasm197898167590821GP 50CS 19:131-132FC605mm, CT, LS, O-type
Germplasm197898168590822GP 51CS 19:131-132FC605cmsmm, CT, LS, cms
Germplasm1978110274590843GP 52CS 19:300FC606mm, CT, LS, O-type
Germplasm1978110273590844GP 53CS 19:300FC606cmsmm, CT, LS, O-type
Germplasm197898267590658GP 55CS 19:935FC702/4MM, Rhizoc, SS, rr
Germplasm1978162351590724GP 56CS 19:935FC702/4(4x)MM, Rhizoc, 4n, SS, Rr
Germplasm197898268590659GP 54CS 19:934-935FC704MM, Rhizoc, red flesh, RR
Germplasm197898269590660GP 57CS 19:935FC705MM, Rhizoc, SS
Germplasm1978116207590701GP 58CS 19:935FC706MM, Rhizoc, SS
Germplasm1978116208590702GP 59CS 19:935FC707MM, Rhizoc, SS
Germplasm197898165590655GP 41CS 19:131FC902MM, CT, LS, Aa, SF
Germplasm1979106034590837GP 60CS 20:419FC607mm, CT, LS, O-type
Germplasm1979106035590838GP 61CS 20:419FC607cmsmm, CT, LS, cms
Germplasm1980116205590845GP 63CS 21:802FC708mm, Rhizoc, O-type, SF
Germplasm1980116206590846GP 64CS 21:802FC708cmsmm, Rhizoc, cms
Germplasm1981117232590703GP 65CS 22:454FC702/6MM, LS, Rhizoc, SS
Germplasm1981162331590722GP 84CS 22:1275-1276FC703/4MM, LS, Rhizoc, SS, Rr
Germplasm1982176212590729GP 87CS 23:601-602FC711MM, LS, Rhizoc, SS, Rr
Germplasm1983185482590756GP 91CS 25:374FC701/6MM, LS, Rhizoc, pseudo SF, Rr
Germplasm1983185481590755GP 92CS 25:374FC702/7MM, LS, Rhizoc, pseudo SF, Rr
Germplasm1983185480590754GP 93CS 25:374FC705/1MM, LS, Rhizoc, pseudo SF, Rr
Germplasm1985197097590767GP 98CS 26:392FC606(4x)mm, CT, LS, 4n, SS
Germplasm1985197098 GP 100CS 26:392FC606cms(4x)mm, CT, LS, 4n, cms
Germplasm1985197099590871GP 99CS 26:392FC607(4x)mm, CT, LS, 4n, SS
Germplasm1985197096590872GP 101CS 26:392FC607cms(4x)mm, CT, LS, 4n, cms
Germplasm1985194110590766GP 97CS 26:213-214FC712MM, LS, Rhizoc, SS, Rr
Germplasm1986 506238GP 119CS 27:822FC707(4x)MM, Rhizoc, 4n, pseudo SF, RR
Germplasm1987 518643GP 128CS 28:1039FC709MM, LS, Rhizoc, pseudo SF, Rr
Germplasm1988 518644GP 126CS 28:1039FC609mm, LS, O-type, SS, Rr
Germplasm1988 518645GP 127CS 28:1039FC609cmsmm, LS, cms, Rr
Germplasm1990 542971GP 133CS 31:494FC710MM, Rhizoc, pseudo SF, Rr
Germplasm1992 584987GP 164CS 35:1721FC404mm, BB, O-type, SF, rr
Germplasm1992 584988GP 165CS 35:1721FC404cmsmm, BB, cms, rr
Germplasm1992 574625GP 148CS 34:290FC715mm, LS, Rhizoc, O-type, pseudo SF
Germplasm1992 574626GP 149CS 34:290FC715cmsmm, LS, Rhizoc, cms
Germplasm1992 574627GP 143CS 35:291FC716MM, Rhizoc, cms-XZ, Rr
Germplasm1992 574628GP 144CS 35:291FC717MM, Rhizoc, Rr
Germplasm1992 574629GP 145CS 35:291FC718MM, Rhizoc, Rr
Germplasm1992 574630GP 146CS 35:291FC719MM, Rhizoc, Hsugar (Polish), Rr
Germplasm1995307380591314GPCS 36:FC725MM, LS, Rhizoc, SS, Rr
Germplasm1995307381591315GPCS 36:FC726MM, LS, Rhizoc, SS
Germplasm1995307382591316GPCS 36:FC728MM, LS, Rhizoc, cms-XZ, SS
Germplasm1997 594910GPCS 36:FC721mm, O-type, Rr, SF, Rhizoc, LS, CT
Germplasm1997 594911GPCS 36:FC721cmsmm, cms, Rr, SF, Rhizoc, LS, CT
Genetic Stock1990 540886GS-1CS 31:248-249Triplo 1Trisomic for chromosome 1
Genetic Stock1990 540887GS-2CS 31:248-249Triplo 2Trisomic for chromosome 2
Genetic Stock1990 540888GS-3CS 31:248-249Triplo 3Trisomic for chromosome 3
Genetic Stock1990 540889GS-4CS 31:248-249Triplo 4Trisomic for chromosome 4
Genetic Stock1990 540890GS-5CS 31:248-249Triplo 5Trisomic for chromosome 5
Genetic Stock1990 540891GS-6CS 31:248-249Triplo 7Trisomic for chromosome 6
Genetic Stock1990 540892GS-7CS 31:248-249Triplo 8Trisomic for chromosome 7
Genetic Stock1990 540893GS-8CS 31:248-249Triplo 9Trisomic for chromosome 8
Genetic Stock1990  GS-9CS 31:248-249Triplo 9Trisomic for chrosomome 9



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