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GPFARM: Great Plains Framework for Agricultural Resource Management

Decision Support System (GPFARM DSS)
Version 2.6

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Great Plains System Research Unit (GPSR) Fort Collins, CO; division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Northern Plains Area, (USDA-ARS, NPA)

Colorado State University, Agricultural Economics Dept. Fort Collins, CO


GPFARM is a simulation model computer application. It incorporates state of the art knowledge in agronomy, animal science, economics, weed science and risk management into a user-friendly, decision support tool. Producers, agricultural consultants, action agencies and scientists can utilize GPFARM to test alternative management strategies that may in turn lead to sustainable agriculture, a reduction in pollution, or maximum economic return. GPFARM Express contains default projects to allow users to quickly set up their operations.

GPFARM Decision Support System (DSS) Objective:
Develop a resource management decision support system (DSS) that is capable of simulating and analyzing 10-50 year farm/ranch production plans with respect to water, nutrient, and pest management along with their associated economic and environmental risks.

GPFARM DSS Benefits:
GPFARM integrates state of the art agricultural science knowledge with associated economic and environmental analysis into a whole-enterprise evaluation. Results from the DSS provide agricultural consultants, producers, and action agencies with information for making management decisions that promote sustainable agriculture.

GPFARM provides feedback concerning the most effective technology and assists in determining areas requiring further research and development. This is an evolutionary process that ties research and technology transfer closely together.

GPFARM serves to bring scientists from different disciplines together with producers and consultants to solve complex problems in agriculture. Products within GPFARM:

  • A user-friendly, farm/ranch simulation model that produces output for various agricultural production systems and management options with respect to economics, environmental impact and sustainability.
  • A detailed whole farm/ranch economic analysis package (PAL Budgeting Program).
  • A web based, encyclopedic agricultural information system.
  • A stand-alone weed management model (WISDEM).
  • Tools to analyze weed pressure effects and N fertilizer requirements.
  • Analysis tools for results including output data visualization, indices and the Multiple
  • Criterion Decision Making model.
  • Spatial data visualization tools.
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Last Modified: 2/10/2017
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