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Thank you to all who attended the Climate Change Symposium and Field Day September 4th in Cheyenne.  The event was well attended, and our research program will certainly benefit from the insights we gained from the many conversations which took place.

Check Out this Article:

How might climate change affect native grasslands?Wyoming Trubine Eagle; by Michelle Dynes.


Presentations given at the Symposium: (Large files allow several minutes to load)

Symposium overview; David Williams, University of Wyoming.

Climate Change Impacts & Resource Management; Stephen T. Gray, Water Resources Data System WY State Climate Office University of Wyoming.

How Scientists Study Climate Change A Rangeland Perspective; Jack Morgan, ARS, Rangeland Resources Research Unit.

Consequences of Climate Change for Rangelands: Unexpected Consequences of More Extreme Rainfall Patterns;Alan K. Knapp,Colorado State University.

Climate Change and Rangelands Information for Adaptation;Linda Joyce,Rocky Mountain Research Station,USDA FS.

 The are the Publications that were available at the Climate Change Symposium.

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