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Welcome to the Rangeland Resources Research Unit (RRRU). Our three-location Unit spans two states (Wyoming and Colorado), and two major semiarid rangelands of the western Great Plains (northern mixed-grass prairie and shortgrass steppe).  The High Plains Grasslands Research Station (HPGRS), headquarters for the Unit, is located on 2,870 acres of northern mixed-grass prairie near Cheyenne, Wyoming.  The 15,500 acre Central Plains Experimental Range (CPER) near Nunn, CO lies 35 miles to the south-east of the Cheyenne, WY on native shortgrass steppe. The CPER is a LTAR (Long-Term Agroecosystem Research) network site, as well as the core site for Domain 10 of NEON (National Ecological Observatory Network).  In Fort Collins, near Colorado State University, is the third location, the Crops Research Laboratory.

The Unit conducts research within two major research areas: 

  1. Improving management to balance conservation and production in rangelands
  2. Ecosystem response to and management adaptation for global climate change.

Research objectives include:

Global Change in Semi-Arid Rangelands: Ecosystem Responses and Management Adaptations:

  1. Assessing effects of predicted global changes on rangeland ecosystems. PHACE - Prairie Heating and CO2 Enrichment Experiment
  2. Developing knowledge and tools that allow rangeland managers to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Improved Management to Balance Production and Conservation in Great Plains Rangelands:

  1. Developing adaptive grazing management strategies for rangelands that balance objectives for improving livestock production and enhancing other ecosystem services under a variety of climatic conditions. AGM - Adaptive Grazing Management Experiment
  2. Developing science-based decision-support tools for rangelands to aid land managers in enhancing livestock production and other ecosystem goods and services at ecological site and landscape levels.

Scientists include: David Augustine, Dana BlumenthalJustin Derner,  and Lauren Porensky. Post-Doc: Kevin Mueller and Justin Reeves.

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