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Walters, Christina T
Supervisory Plant Physiologist
(970) 492-7601
Plant Germplasm Preservation Research Unit
1111 South Mason Street
Fort Collins CO 80521

The Plant Germplasm Preservation Research Unit (PGPRU) is an integral part of the USDA National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS) and is charged with improving current genebanking operations. PGPRU develops strategies and technologies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of plant genebanks. Our research • Conserves genetic diversity of plant populations, as well as genes and specific genotypes in diverse germplasm forms (e.g., seeds, plant cuttings, pollen). • Develops techniques, especially cryopreservation in liquid nitrogen, to keep germplasm alive and healthy. • Invents new ways to predict and detect changes in health and genetic integrity of preserved germplasm. • Analyzes plant germplasm collections to find redundancies and gaps in diversity. • Combines habitat, provenance and genomic data to identify accessions with hidden, valuable genes. PGPRU shares our innovations globally, supporting a network of genebanks that collectively preserve genetic diversity for an ever changing world.

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