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Plant Variety Protection Samples
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Bean seeds from envelope.

Developers of new plant varieties are provided a chance to recover costs through Plant Variety Protection (PVP).  PVP gives rights to the developer to market the new variety for 20 years, after which the variety goes into the public domain.  PVP voucher samples must be deposited at NCGRP to obtain PVP protection and to ensure public availability after 20 years.

While PVP is in effect, the voucher sample deposited at NCGRP is the property of the Plant Variety Protection Office and NCGRP provides excellent storage in a black-box type arrangement. Upon expiration of PVP, the PVP voucher sample becomes public property and enters the NPGS as a sample split between the NCGRP base and the active collection at the crop-specific field location.

Instructions and application information for Plant Variety Protection can be obtained at the Agricultural Marketing Service website (  Click on "Science and Laboratories".

Germplasm Submissions

Form for potato PVP tissue culture voucher sample submission


Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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