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Maria Jenderek
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Maria Jenderek is a Plant Physiologist and the lead scientist of the Clonal Plant Cryopreservation Program at the Plant and Animal Genetic Resources Preservation Unit. The program is the central long-term back-up of the NPGS clonal collections and their wild relatives. Her main research focus is on improvement and application of efficient cryopreservation methods for clonally propagated genetic resources of cacao, pineapple, sugarcane, wild potato, fruit and nut tree, and berry shrub species using meristem shoots and/or dormant winter buds. In cooperation with the NPGS curators and CSU scientists, Dr. Jenderek works on modification of routinely used storage procedures for apple, banana, garlic, strawberry, sweet and cultivated potato to minimize exposure to cryoprotectants, increase post-cryopreservation viability and the overall quality of clonal germplasm genebanking to secure their genotypic fidelity and longevity of storage.