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The NCGRP works with the Journal of Plant Registrations to safely store voucher specimens and to release these specimens into the National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS) after a designated period of 5 to 20 years.  During the period of protection, the seed will not be distributed without written permission from the author or designated representative.  Once released to NPGS, half of the specimen is sent to the NPGS active collection at the crop-specific field location.

Journal of Plant Registrations ( Instructions to Authors: "Prior to acceptance of the manuscript by the journal, the NCGRP must have received a hard copy or fax (970-221-1427) of the NCGRP Storage Information Form, and a seed sample of each plant material accession registered (amount specified on the NCGRP Storage Information Form) must be deposited with the NCGRP. Each germplasm accession will be assigned a PI number, placed in the NPGS, and be available for distribution to scientists according to policies of the NPGS. Protected germplasm will not be distributed without the originator's approval until the protection expires. For PVP and crop utility patents, this term is 20 years. Delay in submission of a storage sample is the most significant cause of delay in acceptance of registration manuscripts. It is strongly recommended that submission to NCGRP occurs at the time of manuscript submission for review."

The Storage Information Form (SIF) can be found at


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