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For more information about partnering with ARS in the NPA contact:

Bryan Kaphammer, Ph.D.

Technology Transfer Coordinator


2150 Centre Avenue, Building D

Suite 300, Room 3053

Fort Collins, CO80526

Phone: 970?492?7028

Fax: 970?492?7036


The Red River Valley Agricultural Research Center conducts research that covers the effects of foreign chemicals in animals, explores new methods to control perennial weed and insect pests, tests wheat and oats to enhance quality, and improves the storage characteristics of potatoes and sugarbeets.  Additionally, scientists at the Center develop improved germplasm for wheat, barley, sugarbeets, and sunflower.  To successfully complete our mission we actively seek partners to collaborate on research activities.  Currently the Center has numerous cooperative research programs with staff at North DakotaStateUniversity, the University of Minnesota, and numerous other land grant universities across the United States.  We also partner with numerous federal and state government agencies, farm commodity organizations, and agribusinesses.  These numerous partnerships add exceptional value to our research programs and increase our capacity to solve problems of importance to the United States consumer. 

Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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