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Smith, David J
Supervisory Research Physiologist (Animals)
(701) 239-1238
USDA-ARS-PA Animal Metabolism-Ag. Chemicals Res.
1605 Albrecht Blvd. North (Mailing Address)
Fargo ND 58102-2765

The mission of the Animal Metabolism-Agricultural Chemicals Research Unit is to reduce the negative impacts of chemicals in food animals, food animal systems, and food products. Chemicals under investigation may have been introduced into the food supply through environmental (pollutants or natural toxins) or agricultural mechanisms [pesticides, antibiotics, feed additives veterinary drugs, or biologically active compounds (BACs)]. Studies typically investigate how foreign compounds enter food animals and the rates and mechanisms through which foreign compounds are retained and/or eliminated in food animal species. Additional studies are conducted to quantify and rapidly detect chemical residues in edible tissues of food animals. Data generated by such studies are used by regulatory agencies, agricultural industries, and the scientific community to ensure the public a safe food supply.

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