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Climate Variability and Seasonal Forecast Information
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 Climate Variability and Forecast Research Project, Nov. 2004- Nov. 2009. (pdf, 29 KBytes)

       Project Progress Report FY2005. (pdf, 23 KBytes)

       Project Progress Report FY2006. (pdf, 31 KBytes)

       Project Progress Report FY2007. (pdf, 113 KBytes)

       Project Progress Report FY2008. (pdf, 117 KBytes)

       Project Progress Report FY2009. (pdf, 111 KBytes)


 Seasonal Forecast Decision Support; Fact Sheet 2007. (pdf, color, 282 Kbytes)

 Climate and Drought Probability; Fact Sheet 2006. (pdf, color, 293 Kbytes)

 Climate Forcast; Fact Sheet 2006. (pdf, color, 335 KBytes)

 Climate Variability; Fact Sheet 2005. (pdf, color, 371 KBytes)


 Soil Conservation Benefits Offset by Climatic Variations? FY 2010.(pdf, color, 87 KBytes)

 SYNTOR: God of Weather, Generation of Weather Data for Agricultural, Environmental and Hydrologic Applications. FY 2010.(pdf, color, 66 KBytes)

 Downscaling Seasonal Climate Forecasts for Agriclutral or Hydrologic Applications. FY 2010.(pdf, color, 173 KBytes)


 Watershed Sediment Yield Reduction through Soil Conservation in a West-Central Oklahoma Watershed. 2009.J.D. Garbrecht, P.J. Starks. Ecohydrology, 2(3):313-320. (pdf, 610 KBytes)

 A Wheat Grazing Model for Simulating Grain and Beef Production: Part I - Model Development. 2008.X-C Zhang, W.A. Phillips, J.D. Garbrecht, J.L. Steiner, L.A. Hunt. Agronomy Journal, 100(5):1242-1247. (pdf, 207 KBytes)

 A Wheat Grazing Model for Simulating Grain and Beef Production: Part II - Model Validation. 2008.X-C Zhang, L.A. Hunt, W.A. Phillips, G. Horn, J. Edward, H. Zhang. Agronomy Journal. 100(5):1248-1258. (pdf, 559 KBytes)

 Conservation and Sediment Yield on the Fort Cobb Reservoir Watershed. 2008. J.D. Garbrecht, P.J. Starks, and D.N. Moriasi. Proceedings of Conference "50 Years of Soil and Water Research in a Changing Agricultural Environment", USDA-ARS national Sedimentation Laboratory, Sept. 3-5, 08, Oxford, MS. (pdf, 211 KBytes)

 Multi-Year Precipitation Variations and Watershed Sediment Yield in a CEAP Benchmark Watershed. 2008. J.D. Garbrecht. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 63(2):70-76. (pdf, 334 KBytes)

 Effects of Multiyear Precipitation Variations on Watershed Runoff and Sediment Yield. 2008. J.D. Garbrecht. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 63(2):52A-53A. (pdf, 237 KBytes)

 Case Study of Multi-Year Precipitation Variations and the Hydrology of Fort Cobb Reservoir. 2008. J.D. Garbrecht, and J.M. Schneider. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 13(2):64-70. (pdf, 453 KBytes)

 Soil Water Signature of the 2005-2006 Drought Under Tallgrass Prairie at Fort Reno, Oklahoma. 2007. J.D. Garbrecht, J.M. Schneider, and G.O. Brown. Proceedings of Oklahoma Academy of Science, 87:37-44. (pdf, color, 308 KBytes)

 The Times They are Changing: Soil and Water Conservation in the 21st Century. 2007J.D. Garbrecht, J.L. Steiner, and C.A. Cox. Hydrological Processes, 21(19):2677-2679. (pdf, 82 KBytes)

 Climate Forecast and Prediction Product Dissemination for Agriculture in the United States. 2007. J.D. Garbrecht, and J.M. Schneider. Australian Journal of Agricultural Research, 58(10):966-974. (pdf, 231 KBytes)

 Climate Change Impacts on Soil and Water Conservation; Planning for Extremes. 2007. J.D. Garbrecht, J.L. Steiner, and C.A. Cox. Earth Observing System, EOS, Transactions of the American Geophysical Union, 88(11):136. (pdf, 34 KBytes)

 The Under_Appreciated Climate Factor in the Conservation Effects Assessment Project. 2006. J.D. Garbrecht, P.J. Starks, and J.L. Steiner. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 61(4):110-112. (pdf, 117 KBytes)

 Monthly Runoff Predictions Based on Rainfall Forecasts in a Small Oklahoma Watershed. 2006. J.D. Garbrecht, J.M. Schneider, and M.W. Van Liew. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 42(5):1285-1295. (pdf, 2.1 MBytes)

 Seasonal Climate Forecasts and Adoption by Agriculture. 2005. J.D. Garbrecht, H. Meinke, M.V.K. Sivakumar, R.P. Motha, and M.J. Salinger. EOS, Transactions, American Geophysical Union, 86(24):227. (pdf, 31 KBytes)

 The Emperor's New Clothes: Software, Wetware, or Nowhere? The Thorny Road to Adoption: Climate-Product Dissemination for Agriculture in the United States. 2004. J.D. Garbrecht and J.M. Schneider. WMO Workshop on Impact of Climate Change/Variability on Medium- to Long-Range Predictions for Agriculture, 15-18 Feb., Brisbane, Australia. (pdf, 32 KBytes)

 Trends in Precipitation, Streamflow and ET in the Great Plains of the United States. 2004. J.D. Garbrecht, M.W. Van Liew, and G.O. Brown. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 9(5):360-367. (pdf, 2,886 KBytes)

 Climate Forecasts: Emerging Potential to Reduce Dryland Farmers' Risks. 2004. J.L. Steiner, J.M. Schneider, J.D. Garbrecht, and X.J. Zhang. Crop Science Society of America, Special Publication No. 32, p. 47-65. (pdf, 322 KBytes)

 Generating Representative Sequences of Daily Precipitation for Agricultural Simulations. 2003. J.D. Garbrecht, and X.J. Zhang. Journal of Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 19(4):423-429. (pdf, 396 KBytes)

 Decade-Scale Precipitation Increase in Great Plains at End of 20th Century. 2002.J.D. Garbrecht, and F.E. Rossel. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 7(1):64-75. (pdf, 972 KBytes)

 Decade-Scale Precipitation and Streamflow Variations in the Kansas-Nebraska Region. 2001. J.D. Garbrecht, F.E. Rossel, and J.M. Schneider. In: Proceedings of the 12th Symposium on Global Change and Climate Variations, 81st American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, P. 319-321, Albuquerque, New Mexico, January 14-19, 2001. (pdf, 85 KBytes)

 Chloride Mass Balance to Determine Water Fluxes Beneath KCl Fertilized Crops. 2000.J.S. Tyner, G.O. Brown, J. R. Vogel, J.D. Garbrecht. Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, 43(6):1553-1559. (pdf, 225 KBytes)

 Visualization of Trends and Fluctuations in Climatic Records. 1994. J.D. Garbrecht, and G.P. Fernandez. American Water Resources Association, Water Resources Bulletin, 30(2):297-306. (pdf, 606 KBytes)

 Grid Size Dependency of Parameters Extracted from Digital Elevation Models.  1994.J.D. Garbrecht, and L. Martz. Computers and Geosciences, 20(1):85-87. (pdf, 270 KBytes)

 Analytical Representation of Cross-Section Hydraulic Properties. 1990.J.D. Garbrecht. Journal of Hydrology, 119:43-56. (pdf, 536 KBytes)


 1895-2006 Annual Precipitation, Long-Term Trends, Persistent Variations, and Annual Precipitation Expectations for Oklahoma Climate Divisions (pdf, color, 1.3 MBytes)

 1895-2005 Variations of Annual Precipitation and Mean Air Temperature in Oklahoma. (pdf, 1.2 MBytes)

 Report "Variations of Annual Precipitation and Air Temperature in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas, 1895-2003".  Printable Version (pdf, color, 3 MBytes), Interactive Version (pdf, 4.7 MBytes)

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