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The U.S.D.A. Agricultural Research Service (ARS) has measured hydrologic conditions in the Little Washita River Experimental Watershed (LWREW) in southwestern Oklahoma since 1961. In 1994, the ARS began monitoring the meteorological conditions in this watershed with an automated 42-station network called the ARS Micronet.  This overview provides general watershed information and description of the meteorological network.

In 2004 ARS begin to plan and layout a new experiment watershed in Oklahoma .  This watershed is that created by Fort Cobb Lake.  To implement the data base needed for any watershed research today several of the present Mironet stations are being decommissioned from the Little Washita Experimental Watershed.  Eventually those resources will be installed on the new watershed.  Those stations decommissioned may be found under Site Descriptions.

The ARS Micronet is operated and maintained by the USDA Agricultural Research Service's Grazinglands Research Laboratory in cooperation with Oklahoma State University and the Oklahoma Climatological Survey. The ARS Micronet is located within the larger Oklahoma Mesonet, which is operated by the Oklahoma Climatological Survey. 

The support and cooperation of area landowners, without which the ARS Micronet and related research would not be possible, is acknowledged and greatly appreciated. As a result of the cooperation between landowners and the ARS, progress in agricultural and hydrological research has been made possible. 

Site Descriptions 
Descriptions of all 42 ARS Micronet sites in the Little Washita Watershed. 

Variables Measured 
Description of measured variables at ARS Micronet sites. 

Daily Climatic Values  
Monthly Climatological Summaries of last two quarter's data. 

How to Get Daily Climatic Values 
Information about accessing ARS Micronet data. 

Read this disclaimer before downloading and using the data. 

The Oklahoma Mesonet 
The Oklahoma Mesonet consists of 115 automated observing stations throughout the State of Oklahoma that continuously monitor numerous important weather and soil variables. Please visit the Oklahoma Mesonet web site for more information.


Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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