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Southern Plains Area Scientific Presentations
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These presentations are examples of the research being conducted throughout the Southern Plains area tosolve problems that affect our daily lives.  The goal of the presentations is to provide the public and our stakeholders with an inside look at the contributions our scientists are making and/or have made.


To view the available presentations, click on the links in the subject fields.  The presentation will be shown using Windows Media Player.  If you have trouble viewing the presentations, it might be necessary for you to download and install the Windows Media Player DIVX codec for free from the installation prompts you to "choose the components" to install make sure you only select "DIVX Codec".




Michael Grusak, Plant Physiologist

Strategies to Improve the Nutritional Value of Crop Plants: Golden Rice as a Platform for Micronutrient Enhancements.


Ed Fredrickson, Rangeland Management Specialist


Desert Ecology

Marty Riche, Fish Biologist

Feeding Fish to Feed the Planet.


Anna McClung, Research Geneticist

Use of genomics to sustain rice production - the cereal grain that feeds the world.


Jurgen Garbrecht, Hydraulic Engineer

Gazing into the Crystal Ball: Integrating Capricious Climate, Agricultural Planning, and Resource Conservation.


Veronica Acosta-Martinez, Soil Scientist

Impacts of Alternative Management for Cotton Production on Soil Microbial Community Size, Structure and Diversity, and Soil Functioning.


Greg Hanson, Hydraulic Engineer


Dam Erosion

W.A. 'Bill' Phillips, Animal Scientist

Opportunities and Challenges for Forage Based Beef Production Systems.


Robert Schwartz, Soil Scientist


Elucidating soil hydrological processes with accurate water content sensing at high temporal resolution: a key to optimizing the use of limited water. 


Margaret Bogle 

Adapting the Dietary Guidelines for Americans for the Lower Mississippi Delta


Andy Cole, Research Animal Scientist

Going "Green" in the Feedlot:  Belches, Burps and Beer.


Steve Rawles, Research Physiologist

How do you optimize fish diets with less than optimal ingredients?


Greg Holt, Agriculture Engineer


Can Polystyrene molded packaging really be replaced by mushrooms

and cotton byproducts? 


Yulin Jia, Research Plant Pathologist


Uncovering Molecular Mechanisms of Rice Blast Resistance


Debbe Thompson, Nutritionist


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Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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