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Welcome to the Northern Plains Area Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Service Section. This page includes useful safety information, links and staff contact information. We're here to help and encourage you to contact us if you have questions or need additional information.

Mission Statement:  To protect the health and well-being of ARS personnel from chemical, microbiological, and physical health hazards present at, or emanating from, the workplace.

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  • Shanna Henk - Area Safety and Health Manager
    Natural Resources Research Center
    2150 Centre Ave., Building D, Suite 310
    Fort Collins, CO 80526-8119
    Telephone: (970) 492-7033
    Fax: (970) 492-7031

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Area Director's Safety & Health Policy

It is the Safety, Health, and Environmental (SH&E) component of the research mission of the Northern Plains Area to promote efficient, effective, and flexible SH&E programs for a safe and productive workplace for NPA employees, while protecting the natural environment, to inform employees of these programs by providing effective communications and education, and to reduce SH&E hazards and costs. The information in the following SH&E web pages is designed to assist you in meeting the basic FEDERAL, DEPARTMENTAL, REE, ARS, NPA, State and local regulatory requirements.

Dr. Larry Chandler
Area Director
Northern Plains Area

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Safety, Health and Environment Customer Service Plan


The Northern Plains Area Office is committed to providing quality safety, health and environmental support services to its customers. This document addresses the types of services provided, the means to deliver these services and means to measure provision of these services.

Work Unit Description

The NPA Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Section (SHEMS) is responsible for providing technical leadership, quality planning, organizing, monitoring, and evaluating activities concerning NPA's occupational safety and health, environmental, industrial hygiene, biosafety and radiological programs to ensure that they:

  • Respond to the mission and program needs of the NPA locations.
  • Comply with Federal, State, and local statutory and regulatory mandates, guidelines and standards which are implemented for the purpose of reducing the potential for human, economics, and environmental losses associated with injury, illness, and property damage incidents.

Identification of Customers

Internal to NPA

  • All employees
  • Area Director and Staff
  • Deputy Area Director and Staff
  • Research Leaders, Center Directors, Lab Directors, Administrative Officers
  • Location Safety Officers, EMS Team Coordinators, and committees

External to NPA

  • ARS, Occupational Medical Surveillance Program Team members
  • ARS, NPS, Biological Safety Officer
  • REE IH Program Advisory Committee Members
  • ARS, Occupational Medical Surveillance Program Physician
  • OWCP Staff HQ
  • USDA, Radiation Safety Staff
  • USDA, Hazardous Materials Management Group
  • USDA, Safety & Health Management Division

Work Services

The NPAO SHEMS provides advice, guidance and support to all organizational levels . Some examples of these activities include industrial hygiene surveys, annual ARMPS review, leading monthly teleconferences, contribution to the Northern Highlights, location assistance visits, training, Occupational Medical Surveillance Program statement of work development, analysis of OWCP/OMSP data, maintenance of web page, act as coach/facilitator for Area process enhancement teams, participate on Agency process enhancement teams, evaluation of research projects, provide records of environmental consideration and construction design review on projects < $1,000,000, and special projects.

Code of Conduct

  • Pursue continuing education to ensure that skills and knowledge are current.
  • Counsel affected parties factually regarding the potential health risks and precautions necessary to avoid adverse health effects.
  • Avoid circumstances where a compromise of professional judgment or conflict of interest may arise.
  • Act responsibly and safeguard government property.
  • Treat all customer and associates fairly and with dignity and respect.

Section Performance Standards

Technical Leadership & Guidance:

  • Provide verbal advice: Respond to request for policy interpretation and advice within five working days.
  • Provide written advice: Within two working weeks of request.
  • Develop program policy: Within six months.

Program Management & Planning

  • Conduct program evaluation/inspections: Respond within two working weeks of location request, and conduct evaluation/inspection within 45 days, thereafter.
  • Five Year Plan: Revise annually.

Communication & Coordination

  • Schedule and hold monthly teleconferences.

Partnership Relationships

Implementation and maintenance of the NPA SHEM program is accomplished in partnership with agency/location safety staff and management, scientists, Federal/State/local regulatory agencies.

Periodic Review and Assessment

Feedback on the SHEMS implementation of the NPA SHEM program will be solicited on an annual basis for the purpose of determining if program delivery is being provided according to customer standards. Comments, questions, suggestions to improve customer service are welcome at any time and can be directed to 970-492-7021.

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