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The Southern Plains Agricultural Research Center regularly hosts scientific delegations and other visitors who come to learn about our research programs and interact with our productive and widely-respected scientists. 
In June, we hosted a delegation from more than 20 foreign nations who were specifically interested in the microbial food safety research conducted by Center scientists.  The delegation heard scientific presentations from several of our scientists, and had ample opportunity to interact with our scientific and support staff to learn specifics on research techniques and approaches that might be applicable in their own countries in work to assure the microbiological safety of food products reaching their citizenry. 
In July, we hosted a high-ranking delegation of scientists and politicians from several African nations who were specifically interested in learning more about our cotton and sorghum research as it relates to crop production in their own countries. 
A scientist from Poland is currently spending several months in our laboratories working with the Center???s internationally-recognized neuropeptide chemist on research focused toward developing new technology for controlling destructive insect pests that will be both effective and very environmentally-friendly.

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