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Reproduction Research Publication Reprints

Allelic variation in the erythropoietin receptor gene is associated with uterine capacity and litter size in swine
Animal Genetics
J. L. Vallet, B. A. Freking, K. A. Leymaster and R. K. Christenson
Apr, 2005 (188 KB pdf)

Interrelationships among conceptus size, uterine protein secretion, fetal erythropoiesis, and uterine capacity
Journal of Animal Science
J. L. Vallet, H. G. Klemcke, and R. K. Christenson
Mar, 2002 (168 KB pdf)

Fetal Erythropoiesis and Other Factors which Influence Uterine Capacity in Swine
Journal of Applied Animal Research
J. L. Vallet
Jan, 2000 (1.1 MB pdf)

Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci Affecting Female Reproductive Traits in a Multigeneration Meishan-White Composite Swine Population1
Journal of Animal Science
G. A. Rohrer, J. J. Ford, T. H. Wise, J. L. Vallet, and R. K. Christenson
Jun, 1999 (196 KB pdf)

Conceptus, Progesterone, and Breed Effects on Uterine Protein Secretion in Swine
Journal of Animal Science
J. L. Vallet, R. K. Christenson, W. E. Trout, and H. G. Klemcke
Oct, 1998 (144 KB pdf)

Investigations into the Control of Litter Size in Swine: 11. Comparisons of Morphological and Functional Embryonic Diversity Between Chinese and American Breed
Journal of Animal Science
L. H. Anderson*, L. K. Christenson*, R. K. Christenson, and S. P. Ford
Jun, 1993 (664 KB pdf)

Justification of Unilateral Hysterectomy-Ovariectomy as a Model to Evaluate Uterine Capacity in Swine
Journal of Animal Science
R.K. Christenson, K.A. Leymaster, L.D. Young
Sep, 1987 (11.8 MB pdf)

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