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Freking, B.A.
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Bradley A. (Brad) Freking


Dr. Freking's primary research focus is on identification of genetic variation that is predictive of economically important traits in swine. Identification of markers that contribute to the genetic variance of important traits will lead to the capture of this information into algorithms used to predict genetic value of individual animals. Dr. Freking leads and contributes to team research, both basic and applied, directed at development of genomic research tools, detection of economically important genetic variation, and application of genotypic and phenotypic information towards development of more efficient pork production systems. Specifically, markers will be developed to identify superior individuals for traits that limit efficiencies of production systems. Current research emphasis is on exposing the genetic architecture behind the improved fetal survival in a line of pigs selected for uterine capacity and also on the role and function of imprinted genes in the pig placenta.

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