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Genetics and Breeding Documents


Red Angus Osteopetrosis Sequence Information
Tim Smith
March, 2009 (144 KB pdf)


2000 Bull Prediction Equations
Gary Bennett, Larry Kuehn, Warren Snelling, and Mark Thallman
July, 2011 (5.7 MB)


Experimental Results to Take to the Bank
Kreg Leymaster, Brad Freking, and Eduardo Casas
Aug, 2005 (140 KB pdf)


Evaluation of Reciprocal Crossbred Ewes and Terminal Sire Breeds
Kreg Leymaster
Aug, 2004 (12 KB pdf)


Fundamental Aspects of Crossbreeding of Sheep: Use of Breed Diversity to Improve Efficiency of Meat Production
Sheep and Goat Research Journal, Volume 17 (3), pp 50-59
K. A. Leymaster
Jul, 2002 (60 KB pdf)


Evaluation of Breeds for Carcass Composition and Meat Quality
S. D. Shackelford, K. A. Leymaster, T. L. Wheeler, and M. Koohmaraie
Aug, 2001 (12 KB pdf)


Evaluation of Wool and Hair Breeds Under Intensive and Extensive Production Systems
K. A. Leymaster
Aug, 2000 (12 KB pdf)


Introgression of the Callipyge Mutation into a Terminal-Sire Composite Population
K. A. Leymaster, B. A. Freking
Aug, 1999 (12 KB pdf)


Composite Breeds To Use Heterosis and Breed Differences To Improve Efficiency of Beef Production
K.E. Gregory, L.v. Cundiff, and R.M. Koch
Oct, 1999 (41 MB pdf)


GPE Progress Reports - Germplasm Evaluation Program Results


Beef Research Progress Reports - Beef Research Results

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